Hard Work not Shortcuts


“Wanna take a shortcut? You want to take a shortcut? Remember this. You lose a chunk of your humanity every time you compromise your values.”

– Harry Wells (Season 2 Episode 16)

I’ve been a great fan of the
fastest man alive for quite some time now. I am about to watch Episode 20 of
Season 2 of The Flash, to be honest, one of the best series I have watched
lately. Now, talking about Harrison Wells, he has been one of the most intimidating
and cunning, but brilliant characters in the whole series. He had successfully
played dual characters in the previous season as Barry’s mentor and another
speedster known as “The Reverse Flash”.  Eodbard
Thawne masked under Earth 1 Harrison could have been my favourite character if
he had not been the one who had murdered Nora Allen and intently menacingly
caused mayhem to the silent Central City.

Moving on, Let us not forget, “the
real” Harrison Wells of Earth 2 (who has been the exact mirror of the late Dr.
Wells of our Earth owing to the fact that both are undisputable geniuses) who
has yet again guided Barry in finding ways and solutions to be faster to defeat
their new nemesis, Zoom. The 2 Harrisons of the 2 Earths could undoubtedly be
interchanged due to the previously mentioned similarities, to include, their
tone, choice of words and their strong faith in Barry. However, despite the
innumerable similarities, there is one difference, their approach to the
circumstances they face.  Earth 1 Wells was
obviously patient; the facts that he was able bid his time to strengthen
himself even more to defeat The Flash (which depressingly failed) and sit on a
wheelchair for the majority of Season 1 is unimaginable. On the other hand,
Earth 2 Wells was an impulsive decision maker who disregarded the lives
(including Barry’s) that he would harm just to protect his only daughter,

I am not on my first post to play
Compare and Contrast Harry from Harrison and Earth 1 from Earth 2. I am here to
share my thoughts about Harry Well’s quote above.  From Season 1- 2 of The Flash, there are so many
wise words that Harrison had/has to share with us all, but for me, this is one
of the wisest. There are many people in this world, metahuman or not, who look
for shortcuts to achieve greatness and success in their studies, work,
relationships and many more aspects. I have to be honest that I am one of these
many people who had looked for shortcuts to their problems and solved it faster
than a blink of an eye. Talking about “blink of an eye”, even Barry, for
goodness sake, THE FLASH! THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE! wanted the Velocity serum
speed drug to shortcut his way to be faster than Trajectory. Thanks to Harry,
who had woken him up from his senses. Shortcuts wherever you go is a temptation
that each of us have to go through every single day it does take most of our
efforts to prevent ourselves from hooking up with it. Shortcuts are like drugs
that give you pleasure, excitement and achievement for a short number of times,
but once they leave you, the worse could happen. Hard work is often underrated
by some because of the longitude of the process, the blood, sweat, tears and
immense effort you would have to exert to achieve it. Shortcuts guarantee you
instant success but Hard Work promises you lifelong achievements. Remember we
are very special human persons, each blessed with unique abilities that we need
to harness in order for us to reach our fullest potentials. We may not be
affected by that particle accelerator explosion and be given the special
abilities that Barry, Cisco and the other metahumans have but we have this God given
gift that no particle accelerator or any other explosion could give, Humanity,
the power to love and be rational individuals of this Earth. We are the future
of this planet and it is up to us whether to succumb to these uncertainties and
irrationality or dive right in to the deep but vast ocean of overwhelming
blessings and certainty.

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