Better Moves


“When you
see a good move, look for a better one.”
Emanuel Lasker

 I have been playing the
game of Chess for more than a decade; I too have lost many games and
tournaments more than I have won in this sport. Every game I play is unique;
each teaches me a specific lesson on what I should move or what I should not
the next time I play. Unfortunately, I have constantly failed in learning these
lessons and continuously lose to players of higher experience, different
playing culture of mine. Playing the game of Chess is just not two players
sitting opposite each other staring absentmindedly at the board waiting for the
other to move, it is a beautiful, slow, deep process. This process requires patience,
which I am struggling to learn, motivation, the thing that I always have and
skill, which I myself need to hone through more years of experience and training.
Chess is my alter ego, which can never be separated from me, it is who I am and
I have confirmed that to myself many, many years go. Years ago, The World’s
first Asian Chess Grandmaster had written in the book that he had given to me
that “Chess is a miniature of life.” Since then, I believed that my life is a
chess tournament, me battling not others for the top spot but challenging
myself to be better day after day. I have many more rounds to play, loses to
ponder on and wins I inspire myself with.

Lasker is one of my most favourite Chess Grandmasters of all time. He has
proven many things to the world by simply being the World Chess Champion for 27
years. Watching his games through my childhood has really been amazing and
inspiring for me, thinking that he could overpower his opponents in some point in
the game or making his opponents think that they have the upper hand in the
game and later surprising them with a checkmate is really awesome. I had always
wondered what his secret is to victory and as soon as I saw this quotation of
his, I already knew why. Lasker doesn’t play good moves with good players, but
instead he plays better moves against his opponents.

our most critical times, we often tend to make the good decisions instead of
the much better ones, which is the major reason why we don’t get the best of
results we expect to have. Our lives have and always will be divided to 2
options, a YES or NO, a SURE or NOT SURE, FIGHT or GIVE UP and many more. Upon
choosing one of those 2 alternatives, we must make sure that we maximize our
decisions to the fullest extent and play it one step at a time. Rush movements
never lead to victory, Sudden and not well planned ideas may lead to disasters,
but it is always the slowest, the well thought and properly executed moves that
lead the players to win the gold. We are always the Chess players of our fate
and our life is a board in which we use our talents, to be represented by the
chess pieces, to gain better positions which we could utilize to help ourselves
and the rest of the world for a much better tomorrow.

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