Defense of the Ancients or also popularly known as DOTA has been
the world’s most famous E-sport 5 v 5 multiplayer battle online arena game
since 2003. The game developed by Valve Corp. and designed by Icefrog has and
still is captivating the likes and loyalties of thousands of gamers around the
globe. Being an ex-DOTA player myself, I have dived right in to the culture of
the players of the game, I have seen each player’s approach to the game and how
they work together with their respective teams to gain victory against the
opposing side. I have witnessed how they react to certain critical points in
the game, their body, sign and verbal language says it all. Moving on, I
noticed how different DOTA players and non-players act and think differently,
aside from the fact that their hands move faster than the latter, but how they
respond to real life conditions. In my opinion, some players of the game I
know, adjust easily to tight situations and they are very well conditioned in
making rush adjustments and decisions, which is very necessary in the field
they are inclined at. When I ask some players why they play and how many years
they have been doing it, most similarly  reply, “I have played for 10, 11,
more  years and I decided to play it because of the company I have, the
fun I feel with them and the prestige I feel every time I win.”

I have a colleague of mine who is recognized by everyone as “The
Master” simply because he is the best in playing any e-sport you could name; he
has twice the faster hands than any player around the vicinity and he can play
a 5 player team without flinching. According to him, he has started playing the
first instalment of the game since he was 10 and he never stopped since then,
he also added that soon he would like to be part of a D.O.T.A. team competing
with other groups worldwide. Even if the rest of his friends repeatedly praise
him for his mastery, he still manages to keep his head down saying that there
is more to learn and many more players are better than him, so he needs to keep
improving. Quite unknown to others, D.O.T.A. players strategize better and
possess qualities such as immense concentration, timing and motivation in order
to win games and increase their MMR (Matchmaking Rating: a value that
determines the skill level of a player). Each and every one of us holds a forte
that we harness everyday in order to make us feel that we are something special
in this world, (reality: we really are special since the day we are born) to
share and candidly, brag to our friends. It is really amazing to believe that
we own a special skill that others do not quite have, so we tend to enhance it
even more and push ourselves to the utmost limits. As Spiderman had once said
“With great power comes great responsibility”, a reality that all individuals
must face, having talents greater than others does not mean overpowering the
less able ones but instead using your talents to empower others to the same.

I will give D.O.T.A. a new meaning, Do One Thing Amazing.
 At first, it really sounds comical, but as soon as you read the question
again and ask yourself if you have done what you have read, the reality begins
to sink in, Have I ever done something amazing? Of course we have done
something amazing. It may seem questionable what amazing should really mean, so
I am here to enlighten you once again about its dictionary definition.
According to Dictionary.com, Amazing means to cause great surprise or sudden
wonder. Have you done something that is amazing?  I think I have, in my
own little way when I helped a friend pass the morning’s examination by
teaching him what should be learned. It may be a small thing for me, but a
great big deal for the person I helped, because that passing score may be the
game changer for his improvement and driving force to do better in the subject.
Doing one thing amazing could create two amazing things or maybe an unending
series of good and satisfying events. Just imagine if all the people in the
world start doing one small amazing thing simply by giving a homeless dog a
good shelter, helping the old stranger cross the road or teaching your friend
the maths and science to excel in his requirements. If we do these small, big
things, WOW! What an amazing world it is. Always use our capabilities we are
born with, we learned from as a mechanism to make a change because we never
know what would happen and what will become of us. God Bless to my readers.
Always D.O.T.A.!

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