Finally at “THE END”


you like writing? How often do you write? When do you write? Why do you write?
How long does it take you to finish a good piece? If you ask me, I loved
writing ever since I was taught how to compose sentences and paragraphs, ever
since, I never stopped. I write when I am in the mood, well, to be honest, I am
always in the zone .There is no specific reason on why I write, although, I
know there is, the thought just comes in and my fingers just dance with the rhythm
of my mind. Frankly, it takes me not more than 10 minutes to finish a good page
long article, 30 minutes for 3-5 long page expose and about 2-3 hours maximum
for a really nasty, head aching theoretical book review or economic graphs and
reports. In fact, writing is really boring at the first glance, tiring once you
run out of vocabulary to finish your work and stressful when you could not
think of a single captivating title or a teary conclusion. It took me many
years to discover what my writing style is, how I should organize my
scrambled ideas into an acceptable sentence and widen my terminologies to fit
my writing to the time and occasion. At present, admittedly, I have still not
mastered writing because I have a lot to learn. I have widened my scope by getting
ideas and insights from famous literary pieces written by legends such as Harry
Potter by J.K. Rowling, Hamlet and Othello by William Shakespeare, Art of War
by Sun Tzu, The Greatest Miracle in the World by Og Mandino, The Five People
you Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and many
more. After finishing a book, I suddenly feel something switching inside of me
telling me to share what I’ve learned to many through what I write, then I sit
down and after a few minutes of pondering, the magic begins.

I look back through time, I laugh at the moments when I expect to see my
handwritten paper (I have worked really hard for the past nights) graded with a
perfect 100, instead, I am in horror, because instead of a well deserved perfect
grade, I see my teacher’s heavy dark red pen marks indicating all of my wrong
indention, phrasings, choice of words, missed capitalization and even the
simplest of periods and commas. I used to really get upset of my teacher and to
calm my anger, I convince myself that my work was perfect and he/she was really
just so selfish, not even minding the main points of my paper, because it is
all that counts. Years have passed by and I slowly got to understand how these awful
red marks helped me to improve my writing capabilities, how now my professors acknowledge
me for my distinct and improved writing techniques. It is really pleasing to
hear the clap of my colleagues and special praises from my mentors but I always
believe that there is more than meets the eye, so I never stop. I am really
grateful that even at the present time; I still acquire many tips from the
doctors (who are also academic book and newspaper writers and authors) in my
university on how to present our ideas effectively and presentably, these I am
trying to master. One tip that I really like most is from my Philosophy
professor, he advised us that when we begin to write a paper, don’t jump in
thinking first of a Title and an Introduction because you still don’t have
anything to introduce and label, so start formulating your main points first to
slowly create the body of your work, then the conclusion, next, the
Introduction and finish with a really explosive Title. At first, it was really
confusing because since grade school we were taught that the Introduction must
always come first followed by the Body and Conclusion, then all of a sudden the
sequence was reversed. I tried the process that was lectured to us,
surprisingly, I found it more comfortable than the norm, and now I am applying
that process. We each have our ways on how we express ourselves to the world,
it may be through art, dance, public speaking but mine is through “Writing”.

is very common to hear students groan when a course subject requires them to
write a 5-10 page reflection paper or a poem about nature or social issues. I
am part of that groaning majority. Why put a minimum number of pages when you could
direct your point in 3-5 sentences?  Well, now, I am really used to these
requirements and it’s not shocking if we were asked to write a 20 page minimum
paper. Funny is it how these experiences could build you up to become a better
writer and speaker, how you thought that the paper  you never imagined you  could even start is now being written a
fantastic “The End” conclusion. We must not only write just because it is a requisite,
write because you feel there is a need to. What need is there? A need to
educate the non-privileged, a need to strive for economic prosperity, a need to
a cleaner environment and many more topics to cover! It took a long time for me
to realize that there is sense in all the page limits our mentors impose on us,
it taught me that limits are imposed to show that there are no limits, your
ideas are unlimited and overflowing and 2-3 pages are not enough to express it
all. Take note that we must not just end with a simple “the end” but instead finish
with a very, very powerful “THE END”.

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