Running From or Towards Blessings?


blessed Sunday to everyone! How blessed do you feel today? I feel much
sanctified today because our Creator has opened my eyes again for another 24
hours in a very safe and comfortable home, feeling no worry about what to eat
or what to wear. Aside from feeding my physical body with nutrients to start my
day, I nourished my soul by going to mass and joining my extended “The Feast”
family in a worship serving the Lord. I was very inspired by the talks given by
the older brothers of our community and their wise words gave me many thoughts
to ponder on. After 3 hours of mass and talk, I and my family decided to ride
our car home to rest and end the very enriching day with a nice dinner.

how many blessings did you see I have received today? I saw 8 blessings and I
believe there are more to come. If you just thought that what I have stated
above is only just a simple narrative of how my day had gone, take a good close
look again, and read what I have to say. As said by Google, a “Blessing” is
clearly defined as God’s favour and protection. See? The dictionary’s
definition tells you all what you need to know. The simple moving up of my
eyelids revealing my eyes is a big blessing for me because not everyone has a
chance to wake up for the next day and see the beauties around them. Waking up
in a nice, comfortable environment is another blessing since most people are
sadly unfortunate to take rest in a proper home or shelter. Having something
nutritious to eat is something to be very thankful about, according to the
World Hunger Statistics, largely 12.9% of the whole population of the world or
roughly 795 million people suffer from undernourishment, and I just have to sit
down and eat the food given to me. On this day, having the capability to attend
the mass and listen to the great words from great people is one of the biggest
favours God had given to me, having the chance to bond with my Eternal Father
and know more about Him is something. I know many people miss Sundays because
of their illnesses and the community they inhabit were destroyed by terrorists
or calamities, leaving them with no Church, institution or place to worship.
Being with my family safe in a car, shielding us from the terrible weather
outside is another excellent thing because only a few are privileged to ride in
vehicle they could call their own or even a complete and happy family. Finally,
I being able to go back to a house which is whole and intact with food and the
comforts a home could offer is quite rare. There are certain instances in which
people go home to see their property being robbed, children who have to work
very hard still to put proper meals on their plates and individuals not even
having a house to go back to. There is always something to be thankful about,
big or small, and appreciating all of it is the least we can do to thank The
Creator of Man for all what He had done to us.

am quite confident that after you have read the previous paragraph, you have
now spotted the 8 blessings I mentioned earlier. Do you run from or towards
blessings? I deem that unconsciously, some of us run away from the ocean of
gifts in front of us or even take it for granted. Why? Because we do not know
that it really is a gift. Look at the objects beside you, the events that are
happening to you right now or even the people surrounding you, do you consider
them as heaven sent? If Yes, you surely love them more than yourself and you
utilize these to the maximum so that you could help and bless others even more.
If No, maybe you should change the way you see things, because I believe that
God never gives anything or sends anyone for no reason at all. In most places, Diamond
is more treasured than Water, because diamonds are much rare compared to the
abundance of water. Another reason why we do not treasure our blessings is
because we know it is always there, like water. Try treasuring it like diamond,
like you could only have it for just a day, you will realize how beautiful the
world, God has given to you. Never run away from blessings consciously or
unconsciously, keep running towards it and then you’ll realize that there is
always light amidst the darkness. Make yourself a blessing to others by first
blessing yourself. Pray Always because in God nothing is impossible.

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