The One in the Mirror


do you see in the mirror every time you look at it? Do you resemble Quirinus
Quirrell who sees him giving the Philosophers Stone to his master and bowed
upon due to his success? Or are you like Harry Potter who in the first time
encounters the Mirror of Erised (the mirror that shows what your heart truly
desires) simply sees himself reunited with his mom, dad and the family he never
had? Every time I look at my mirror at home I see someone who has big dreams
for himself, working hard day by day to be at least one step closer to his
goal. I see a perfectionist who believes that there is something better to add
in the good work he has accomplished. I see a human who constantly make
blunders, wrong decisions and creates disrupted time schedules. It is quite inexplicable
that even if people are not looking at the Mirror of Erised, but only a normal
one, they see not their own reflection but a “greater version” of themselves or
even someone else’s. Don’t get me wrong, I myself is great at imagining myself
in the future or even picturing me in other people’s (fictional or real) shoes,
but I am careful to live my present life at the finest I could and making certain
that my imaginations are not in what I dwell in, nevertheless serves only as an
inspiration to the existence I am currently in. Now, there are two types of people
who look in the mirror, one like Quirinus and the other like Harry, let us take
a look at each.

who are like Quirinus are those who are insecure because they see themselves lesser
than they should be. He is ambitious and determined to prove himself to others,
which led to his own demise. Some people are never contented of who they are,
they always feel that they lack something physically or mentally, but in
reality, they don’t. They strive hard to be the preeminent version of
themselves to attest that they are not a total failure. What is the real total
failure? The real disappointment is you not knowing who you really are when
looking at your reflection in the mirror, you convinced that what others say is
the most important of all. We are all made equal, not by social status or
abilities but by the fact that we all have something good inside us which might
be ready to share or a still work in progress. Focus on the reflection you see daily
when you rouse up each morning, try to work, strengthen and have confidence on
it, then you’ll see that someday you would not be wishing to see another person’s
image,instead happy that someone is smiling back at you.

who are like Harry are those who are contented with what they are now and enjoy
or yearn for the simplest things in life like being with family, friends and
supportive people around them, they are the types of people who aren’t afraid
of hearing people’s negative opinions against them because they are secured by
their stable personality. Being and socializing with hundreds of people everyday
means meeting an array of individuals with different characters, views of
things, strengths and weaknesses. I know a person whose advantage is his strong
confidence and is never hesitant to point out one’s mistake or wrong move
without getting affected by what other people has to say about him. I asked
him where he gets all his advantage and he simply responds, “I get it by knowing
myself very well and being determined to where I’m gonna go.” I have another
friend who is quite competitive when it comes to debates and research but when
it comes to speaking it out and defending it, he stutters and fails to express
his whole point. Why is that? It is because he has low self confidence in
himself when it comes to those fields. Why is it that there are confident and
not-so-confident persons? Contented people and beings who prefer to become
others than themselves? Does it have to do with the mirror you are looking at
or merely the eyes which are staring at it? It is because of the eyes which are
gazing intently upon its own reflection looking for someone else exceptional to
appear beside him/her; little did he/she know that this “someone special” he/she
is looking for is the one staring back in the mirror after all this time.

me end with an excerpt from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone:

me give you a clue. The happiest man on Earth would look into the mirror and
see only himself, exactly as he is.”

Dumbledore to Harry Potter

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