It seems impossible, but it isn’t


In the last Sunday
article, we have talked about how to identify the smallest and biggest
blessings you receive from Our Father day by day. Now we are going to focus on
the one blessing that all of us are uniquely rewarded with, “Talents”. I would classify
this blessing into two, the known and the unknown. The Known Talents are the
abilities we know we have and could be manipulated or harnessed at the user’s
will. Of course, the other type of talent, the Unknown Talents are the
aptitude/s we are not aware that we possess and still are in need of discovery
and embracing. Plainly being aware of our capabilities is not the end of the
process, we should be able to master and own our abilities to not only give
fame and glory to our names but to others and the primary source of everything we
can do, God.

Seeing people doing out
of the world acts and performances never fail to amaze and make our day.
Wondering how they are able to do those seem-like-impossible routines and how
many times they have failed to perfect it, always rattle our mind during our spare
moments. But how do they do what they do? I will answer that question in behalf
of all the amazing talents around the globe. They have done it because they
have “Enriched their blessings”. This 3 word sentence is very easy to say but extremely
hard to execute. That’s why I am here! I ‘am here to give you a short 3 step effective
guide to improve your known talents and uncover your unknown ones, these are all
based on my experience and thorough research on the life stories of some well known
and respected personalities at this time.

step is to stop comparing yourself with others with talents same or different
as yours.
Matching up with other people is the most lethal thing
you could do because you create both a bigger and smaller mental image of
yourself, both are harmful to you in their own deadly ways. Once you see
yourself finer than your counterpart, arrogance and unexplained complacency would
slowly form inside leaving no room for your development to step up your game. Conditioning
yourself as a lesser being than the person you choose to compare with makes
your positive and strong feelings flow out of your system making room for the
negative sensations to enter. These sensations make you feel discouraged to
move on making you abandon your talent and any chance to know about it even
more. These are the reasons why you should not make others as a parameter to
see how far you can go, instead contrast you with yourself. Seeing yourself
better than your previous edition means you have achieved your goal, otherwise
means that you just have to do better the next times.

step is to spotlight your strengths instead of your weaknesses.

The negativity of other people is really infectious and I recommend that you
stay away from this type of crowd. If you look for something negative and weak
inside, then you’ll see an unlimited list that goes on and on, but if you
search for something positive and strong then you’ll have it too. This is the
exact reason why you have to spotlight your strengths because we are all
surrounded by pessimists. We all have strengths that are mostly wasted because
of our obsessions with the bad things near us and that should be fixed. Focusing
on what we are weak at leads to nothing but worst but finding our powers and
using it for good leads to something. Let us not disregard our Achilles’ heel/s
but use our Thor’s hammer to overcome that feeble point. Bear in mind that our
strengths and weaknesses are like Yin and Yang because despite how different
and opposite they are to each other; they still complement and need each other to
be balanced, because all weaknesses lead to our strength and all strengths may
cause our own downfalls.

step is to never be discouraged by your countless failures.

We all fail and that is true, it may take many forms and appearances but
that should not be a hindrance to stop because you may be always one step
closer to what you desire to be. No matter how many times you fall short, it is remarkable
how you still stand up again and again and again. Just think about the successful
people who are what they are today because of the multiple rejections that they
have faced, they could have given up but they didn’t and it is all because they
believe in what they can do. For instance, J.K. Rowling should have given up
after being rejected by 12 publishing companies, but she didn’t and now her masterpiece
is read by millions of people worldwide, Thomas Edison after being called “too
stupid to learn anything” by his teachers should be so discouraged of himself
but NO, he started inventing the light bulb, which is a need in every household
anywhere, and finally, Bill Gates, before being a billionaire was a Harvard
dropout and a business failure, but now he is the richest man alive. See, these
people never gave up despite how hard the world threw them down and you must do
the same. Start enhancing the blessings you have and let no one, even yourself
stop you from doing the impossible, because everything is possible if you know
yourself really, really well.

Come back next Sunday
and read the last installment of BLESSINGS: Appreciating it Even More. We will
take a better look on how famous people such as J.K. Rowling, Michael Jordan and Albert Einstein have used their talents to bless
and change the whole world.

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