Hating is not Helping and Helping is not Hating


Hey! Are you part of
the global fan club who calls themselves, “Haters”?Have you seen the latest
movie entitled “I hate you”, or surely you have read the latest article, “101
Reasons to Hate” and I am positive you have heard about the 1000th
installment of the album, “Hate V.1000”.
You may wonder what kind of participants, writers, producers or album
producers would give these names. Well, we do give these names. Every single day,
we see in news or even witness it ourselves, people killing each other, groups’
fighting for what they presume  is
“right” and people endlessly condemning the others of accusations that they
themselves know are not true. It is a miracle if in a day you do not come
across in social media, a very elaborate and detailed post about the negative
characteristics of a famous personality or even a guide on how to detest
him/her even more. What even more is fascinating is having a day pass without
being caught up in an argument with a friend, colleague or someone you never
knew. It is hilarious that we have paced up our game by not only despising
people but also showing revulsion towards inanimate and uncontrollable objects
and circumstances such as our low battery mobile phones, broken earphones and
even the weather. Before we start hating something or someone, let us first
think about the reason why we dislike somebody, but still, knowing the basis of
our hatred is not a valid reason for us to continually disturb them, instead
being aware of the root of our dislike is a good start of learning how to
accept and make up with them. It seems complicated at first, but trust me, once
you started loathing someone, you’ll soon get tired of the process and you’d
later wish that you never even started hating him/her/it. We really need to start
a 4 year course subject about “The Science of Hating”, not “Hating the Science”.

Hating is not helping.
We think that by showing hatred towards someone means making our counterpart weaker
and more vulnerable, which is partially correct. Unknowingly, we also lose pieces of ourselves
every time we throw daggers at the person. How? The more we exert ourselves to
do physical or verbal harm to others, the more we show that we are much, much worse
than the person we denounce, the further we reveal that, that someone is worth
our time and temperance. They say that we hate someone not just because of what
he does, but because we fear seeing ourselves being in same position as his/her
performing that act. Martin Luther King once said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
I a 101 % believe in this, because it is like you looking
for a positive answer when adding two negative numbers; everyone knows it will
never happen, even if the world falls apart. From the very start, you knew that
he/she has the problem, it was never you, make it stay that way. It is obvious
that you are the only controlled variable in your world, the rest are independent
variables, remember, you could only influence but never truly change them. We
must be able to learn to see the bright sides of whomever we hate and from
there you will have peace, then you can leave it all to the Man above.

is not hating. We often intertwine these two, making it look as if it is one.
The often misconception is that we help others by hating what they do and discriminating
what is wrong with them. Yes, it is just right to correct the person if he/she
is really doing wrong but not to the degree that you are making him/her feel
that he/she has not done any right in the world. Let us always bear in mind
that we too make mistakes, maybe more and graver than he/she has committed and
that not everyone has the toughest viewpoint of themselves like you and me.
Many have been literally tortured and insulted by unknown individuals just
because of a simple error they have posted or submitted, some closed down their
accounts to avoid more damage than they had received and that should be stopped
right now. We can accomplish this by starting to stop Hating because it does no
good to any person and the more we hate, the lesser good we see in others. Start
appreciating what is around you and be motivated by the unbelievable acts done
by other people, find something else to direct your attention instead of looking
for faults in the work of others. I have known people who are haters and those
being hated, and it s really very difficult to hear what both parties have to say, so
be neither.

“Darkness cannot
drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only
love can do that.”


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