YOU are THE LIGHT that GLIMMERS in the Darkest


“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they
may seem your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

5:16 (NIV)

A Happy Sunday to you all! You are all reading the last
instalment of this wonderful series, BLESSINGS. Last time, we have conversed
about the simple 3 step process on how to “Enrich our Blessings”. At this time,
we are going to have a very inspiring discussion on how to use the previously
taught process to not only bless ourselves but to empower others too. As I have
said previously, we will later dive right in on how famous
people such as J.K. Rowling, Michael Jordan and Albert Einstein have used their
talents to bless and change the whole world.

I will start this
article, by giving my thoughts on Matthew 5:16. This verse is one of the most
famous Bible passages and one of my personal favorites.  Google says that Light is defined as “the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes
things visible”. In primordial times, hundreds of years before electricity was
discovered, there were only few known sources of light to man, such as the sun,
moon, stars, candles and lamps. As time passed by, when science and technology
flourished, people are and still fortunate to search for many other artificial
sources of light, but still, most have not seen that they themselves are a
living spring of  light. You may be
wondering how on the Earth would you produce light, but I am not talking about
the kind of light that literally brings glow to the surroundings, instead, THE
LIGHT that is not in need of an ignition of rocks or AAA Batteries, but the one
that walks, talks and even chooses when or not to turn his/her switch off. It
is very amusing to rethink that the light source itself does not even know that
it can give light, and most are still in need of a daily reminder of what it
can do. I would compare this verse to what an inventor would say to his invention
after it had been made, the craftsman after years of hard work would without
doubt wish his masterpiece the best of luck as it would be released for the
world to see and expect it to serve the definite purpose for which it was made

I start, you must take note that all the respected personas today will never be
what they are if they have not accepted and blessed themselves first before
empowering the world in their respective fields. I would give a special acronym: B.L.E., to help you know more about the lives of the 3 stars of this article and make
you a living source of light to those who are blinded by darkness.

Believe in yourself.

Let me
give you a trivia, this is one of the most overused sentences in the world, but
still, this means a lot many individuals. If you do not believe in yourself who
else would? Believe me or not, scores of people never believed in themselves
and in what they can do, they’d always think that what they do is nothing out
of this world or cool, they say, it is just another common ordinary act. This
is a common big mistake of our brothers and sisters, another reason why the
light in this world is starting to lose its glow. Had enough of an
introduction? The first person we are going to put the highlight on to is, no
one new, because this not my first article in which I would state her name, to
serve as a role model and an example. She is J.K. Rowling.

Kathleen Rowling or also known as J.K. Rowling is the first billionaire best
selling woman author. She is famously known as the author of the Harry Potter Series
and other bestselling novels, but before all this achievements she had
received, I say all the worse had happened to her. The Harry Potter books have
inspired and still are inspiring many children and young adults worldwide. The
book, though not a medicine recommended by the local doctor, has helped in the
healing and recovery of Juniper French, a then premature baby, her dad feels
her temperature becoming better after every page he reads to her. I am part of
an over 70,000 member Potterhead group in social media and every day I see how
much they value the HP books because of what good it has done in their lives. The
books were finally published because of the author’s belief in herself and the
passion she has in what she does. Imagine if Miss Rowling had given up in her
battle with depression and struggles being a single mom and failed to believe
in herself, the Harry Potter books would never be born, not making people
realize the beauty of her creation and therefore not being inspired at all and
learn from the lessons she has taught.

Love what you do.

doesn’t know Michael Jordan? He is one of the most famous Hall of Famers in the
NBA and greatest athletes in the world. He is considered the G.O.A.T. (Greatest
Player of All Time) by thousands of his fans because of the championships he
had won and the new level he had brought to the game of basketball. Did you
know that before Michael Jeffrey Jordan became the legend everyone knew he is,
he was not accepted in his high school basketball team because of his smaller
height compared to others? If M.J. had stopped playing basketball from the time
his high school coach had not said his name in the results of the final
tryouts, do you think Chicago would have won 6 Championships that time and the
game’s fans would have known the jersey name “Jordan”? No, not at all. It was
because of Michael’s love for his game that he did not stop in playing it and
proving that he is better than what other people thought he was. All his hard
work had paid off when he was drafted for the Bulls in 1984 and in his rookie
season simply averaged 28.2 points per game, became the “Rookie of the Year”
and became part of the All Star Game. See? In working on himself and loving
what he did, he consciously and at the same time unconsciously empowered many
young basketball fans and players to be or play like him someday soon.

 Endure before you Reach the Top

science and not-so science lovers would know who Albert Einstein is. He is the one
who theorized “The Theory of Relativity” and made very significant contributions
in space exploration, applications of light and atomic energy. Albert
Einstein is regarded as the “Father of Modern Physics” because of his
groundbreaking research and formulated theories that changed how science was
seen. Very similar to the stories of our past personalities, Einstein had a
very rough start, starting with his childhood. Einstein never talked fluently
until the age of 7 making others think that he was mentally incapable. As he
started working, his research was shunned by his professors saying all of his works
are complete nonsense. Now, his works are greatly valued and his greatness has
been the highest benchmark for physicists and doctors of this age. Without
Einstein, scientists would never be able to get a fuller grasp of studies
relating to space and time.

reading these life stories, we have pondered that there are points in our life
that we really have to fail or suffer in order for us to realize in the
capabilities we are gifted with. Bear always in our minds and souls, that it is
not only enough that you know and enrich your blessings, what is more are that
you realize to the main reason why you are enhancing these gifts of yours. We
are the Creator’s lamps and we would never serve our purpose by just being a
lamp, but by placing ourselves in the middle of the room to shine to the
darkest of areas. As D.H. Sidebottom had said in his book, Fragile Truths, “Stars can’t shine without darkness.” I
do not care how many long decades you have been looking for what is the best
part of yourself, what the most important thing is, that before you close your eyes,
you have made sure that you had done something good in this world. Make it your
dream, goal and purpose to Appreciate your Blessings Even More.

back next Sunday and join me in our new Sunday Special Series, “ROUNDS: Starting
your Win Streak”.

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