Porch Encounter

It all happened in a very rough and blistering afternoon

He was waiting for his friend to finish making them a cold
drink to counter this revolting weather

Complaining about the day’s forecast and his unsolvable
problems, he decided to have a bit of air to survive the heat wave that was
killing him.

As he went out, he immediately regretted his decision because
it was hotter outside

Resigned to the fact that no place would do him well, he
chose to stay in the terrace

He decided to look for something to do or fix, it was quite
remarkable how its old pillars still stood with years of no maintenance

After finding a loose board underneath him, he knew what to
do, he turned back to the door to get the hammer and find a board replacement

But before he did so, his attention was caught by someone or

It was beyond ordinary than the usual sightings outside his
home, the apple tree was still there looking like it would burn because of the
scorching sun; the small, blue lake looked as if it would be dried up soon and
the grass was greener than ever.

He stood there gazing at the stranger with eyes of disbelief,
it couldn’t be.

Though the weather seemed to not permit cold, he still felt
an intense chill rising up to his body, it seemed like that all the heat was gone
even if the sun was still hurting them all

“It should be an illusion or a dream”, the stifling gust must
have entered into my senses.” He thought.

But no, if it was an illusion, after a blink of an eye it
would have been gone,

If it is a dream, then why would he have felt blood oozing
from his right knee because he tripped on the unfastened wood strip to take a
closer look at the newcomer.

He was expecting to be ambushed right now by the newcomer,
however it just stood there standing and smiling at him.

“It is crazy or maybe he is too”, he thought. The foreigner must
have accomplished his plot minutes ago, while he should have ran away as soon
as he saw that face.

Now, he felt defeat, down on the floor nursing his gash.

All he could do now is crawl back towards his domicile or
scream to his friend for help

He had only now realized that he had none of the powers to do
either of them, so he was resolute to see that outsider up close and maybe have
words with it.

He started to move slowly towards it, but he was not that
quite closest to it, when he affirmed that he really saw himself.

They were both wearing a red polo shirt and black jeans
partnered with his old dark leathers; the only difference was that the he who
was standing up was beaming while he was shocked and troubled.

He felt more badly than he ever could be, was this man happy
because of what had happened to him or maybe he was enjoying the sight of him heaving
himself to the ground with trails of blood behind him?

He sat back because he could not creep anymore, then suddenly;
his second self suddenly crouched and smiled at him while uttering some
indistinct words.

He woke up after what was like an eternity and found himself
lying on the wooden planks in front of the door while his friend was putting a band
aid on his cut.

Remembering what had happened before he passed out, he sat up

“Easy”, said his friend

He asked her what had happened.

“I saw you fast asleep under that tree with a deep injury.”
replied his friend with a smile.

It then occurred to him why he didn’t sense a trace of worry
in the tone of her voice or why she didn’t ask where the wound had come from.

“Where is he?” he again asked, hoping for an answer he would
not get.

“Oh, he’s over there, he helped me get you back here.” She said

He didn’t know what to say, he wondered if she really knew
what he was talking about.

He started explaining, “You know, I saw this man who just
looks like me….”

But her friend raised her hand and said, “I know what
happened.” she pointed under the tree and continued, “He told me everything.”

For the first time in his life he had so many questions to ask,
but only one managed to go out of his mouth.

“Who is he?”

His friend sat beside him and gave him a mug of cold chocolate.

She got hers and after having a sip, she responded, “He is

Before he could reply, he saw her look at her watch and point

and wave

at something adjacent to the blue lake nearby the apple tree. His eyes followed
to where her index was pointing and saw nothing.

She happily spoke and said “Look! It’s me. I always look good
in green.”

He looked at her completely speechless, but he knew he would
soon understand.

He started slurping his drink and it seemed like the best
thing he ever drank after the long, long, afternoon.

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