How worthy are you to uphold your beliefs? Could you stand by
it for a very long time? What makes you a real believer of that belief? I
assure you that at the end of this article we would answer these questions.
First, we are going to talk about Thor’s Mjölnir. This special hammer made from uru,
an Asgardian metal, could only be wielded by those considered worthy by Odin.
Worthiness is a term that does just not have a single and valid definition, but
a million ones depending on the kind of person you are conversing with. We
believe in many things and we do our best to protect and support our convictions,
these are one of the main reasons why there are many murders, protests and quarrels
amongst us. Having a belief is committing yourself to an intangible ideology that
you need to be worthy of, it is like studying hard to deserve the top marks or passing
the year to qualify to the next. If you remember, Thor was banished to Earth by
his father, Odin and was unable to brandish his own hammer for quite some time.
To make things simple, let us incorporate the Mjölnir, Thor and Odin to the 3 objects of what we are
going to talk about.

the hammer could be matched up to what our beliefs are.
Our beliefs are what we carry every day, and the
common problem we often encounter is how we would lift our hammer high enough
and stand up to it if ever someone questions us about it. I personally do not
judge someone by what they believe in, but instead in their fashion of
representing them, some express it formidably while others, irritably. Like Thor
who has the full command of his weapon, we also are the only ones who could
control where we put our trusts in. We must not only have a strong belief but
know also what made us believe in it because a belief without any basis at all
is simply a joke. A baseless belief is a killer to many; it causes confusion
and spreads ignorance that harms many innocents.  Make sure that before you settle yourself in
to a single principle know more about it first and ensure that you would
embrace it wholly. You are worthy of your belief if you are willing to
sacrifice yourself just to stand up to it and knowledgeable to not be easily
diverted by others’ philosophies.

we are Thor who is working hard to make ourselves worthy enough.
Do not make yourselves worthy of other’s standards,
but of yours and God alone. You will never truly be happy and contented if you
live by the standards of others because it is impossible to reach their
expectations because they would find something else that makes you not commendable.
Fight for what you believe is right and just but not to the degree that you are
already oppressing others of his/her doctrines, because if you are wise, you
know how to respect your brothers’ way of thinking. Believing is also “BE LIVING”, living everyday applying your beliefs is the best
thing to do if you want to convince others to do the same as you. We are all
hypocrites if we are speaking and sharing good ideas and words but doing empty
actions and never applying what we want to spread. If you want others to be
worthy of you and your dogmas, guarantee that you are worthy of yourself and
what you believe in. Finally, do not expect others to always trust in what you
say because they never listen but always watch.

you are still like Odin, because no one else except the Lord would tell you if
you are qualified enough.

If you are WORTHY, then you are:

W: illing to sacrifice yourself to stand up to your

O: ffering yourself to God because He is the only one
who could place you in the right beliefs

R: eady to face whatever non- believer of yours would

T: hankful that you believe in your belief

H: appy of what your belief made you now

Y: earning to seek more about your beliefs from fellow

If you think you qualify in all of these, then you are
really, really, blessed with your belief.

Carry that Thor’s hammer the highest you can and
continue to use it for good.


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