Fear of the Unknown


“Mindless fear is greater than mindful fear.”

– Idowu Koyenikan

Welcome to our second Sunday
Special Series entitled, ROUNDS: “Starting your Win Streak”. This series will
mainly focus on “Winning” and limiting our big chances of losing. My mission is
to make certain that I engrave in to the minds and hearts of the readers, this
very important message, “You will never lose.” So what are we waiting for? Let
us start ROUND 1.

I am never a fan of losing, who is? I never liked the concept
of losing and to even imagine myself being defeated is outrageous, so I only
focus myself on winning and readying myself the best I could. I maintained this
kind of mindset for many years, but I later realized that instead of bringing me
a good number of wins, it instead brought me a disconcerting succession of
losses. Why? I have pondered that the further you centre on reinforcing
yourself, than knowing who you really are facing is a dead end. The main reason
why we lose the battles in our life is not because we don’t have the game-face
on or that we contain a lesser facility than our opponent, but for the reason
that our counterparts, most of the times, have a higher footing than us, by
outsmarting us in many, different ways. What am I saying here? The enemy outwits
us by being unknown and undetectable, which makes us harder to overcome them.
You could never fight someone with your eyes closed or chase a shadow in the dark,
what you have to do is to open your eyes to see your adversary face to face and
pursue the silhouette by showering it with light. Now, who are our unknown enemies?

Not all foes are physical beings; most are mental images
which are formed inside our heads, such as, our debts, doubts, fears, failures
and forgotten dreams, are some of what troubles us every night. Even if these
things are intangible and do not hurt us physically, it is more fatal than a
human being, who’s plots against us could be foreseen and countered
immediately. Ethereal objects attack us when we least expect it to and it
strengthens itself through our weaknesses by feeding on our anguish. These
things slowly rob you of everything you think that could help you overcome it
by being a parasite wherever you hide. We all have weaknesses and it is not a
shame to say it aloud, because it is what makes us human, an imperfect,
beautiful creation of the Maker. The only thing that can oppose our enemies is
by not nourishing them with their daily supplies of your disadvantages but opposing
them by  amplifying your strengths and always moving forward. We
do not fear, we just haven’t formulated the proper solution to the problems we
encounter. The secret to not losing a round is by first knowing the origin of
our opponent, failure to realize this, will never make us win. Recognizing the source
of their power is holding them by the neck, making you invulnerable from
whatever they may throw at you. No successful warrior has succeeded in a duel
without making out the identity of his challenger.

Being familiar with your opponent and his weakness is also
recognizing yours. Do not reconcile on your strengths but learn how to also
suit up your Achilles’ heel so that he may flee and never return to contest
with you ever again. The marking of a champion is not how he flaunts his weapon
but how he uses it to triumph. It is never bad to lose at the start, but it is,
if you failed at the very end. Be watchful and cautious like the eagle perched on the top of the highest mountains, because the enemy is always watchful and
deceiving, bidding it’s time to trap you during your good night’s sleep.

Now that we are mindful of who are enemies are, we are one step closer to knocking them down completely. Next
Sunday, we are going to discuss how to use the disadvantages of the opposing
side to our own advantage by “Strategizing Ahead”.


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