The Retirement of the Wise Thief

was this thief whom no one heard or seen in, he was called, “Anonymous”.

has been a crook for many years, until now, his identity and location were
still a mystery to the law enforcers

had robbed every place you could think of, the bank, the local grocery store
and even the museums and parks

though a thief, the people liked Anonymous, because unlike the small time
robbers, he never attempted to break in to a single house or tried to bother
and hurt them.

They don’t know.

first, the residents thought he was watching their every move, but as years had
gone by, their prized possessions were still with them,

According to the records, Anonymous mostly preferred
to steal from highly secured establishments at always the same hours of

this thief single-handedly had been the dream of any police officer of that
town, because that would mean an instant promotion from the chief, but
unfortunately, no one had a close shot at him.

special skill of leaving no fingerprint or any form of trace behind is what
made him earn the top spot of “The All- Time Most Wanted”,

was more famous than the television celebrities in their place, the talk of
every man, woman and child wherever you may pass.

was not his only name, he was labelled as “The Prince of Thieves” by the
youngsters and called “The Wise Thief” by those of ripe age.

thief was sitting on a black, moth-eaten couch lost in thought.

was not thinking of where to strike next, instead, he was still planning his retirement.

reached for the brass pen with fine-looking markings, and crossed out another

sighed, “No, they installed a new security camera outside the third door to the
right, I mustn’t be seen.”

the last corner of paper has been written, when he was finally contented, he
stood up and reached for his cane.

was always his habit every night before he slept to headcount his so called
prizes, the objects that he had stolen from his years of tomfoolery.

counted 150 auction paintings, 200 porcelain jars, 30 boxes of English perfume,
60 sets of hand and wrist necklaces, 3 rings that belonged to the old kings, 15
gold and silver bars and dozen varieties of ancient bills and coins.

seeing everything was still put in order, before he struggled walking to his
bedroom door, he removed a spider web from his favorite painting of Zeus
raising his thunderbolt.

he rested his head on the pillow, he looked back through his 40 years of
business, and thought that everything seemed to happen so fast, it was as if he
was back to his younger version feeling nervous in robbing his first oil

seemed like he did not sleep at all because he stayed up all night.

hastily suited and washed himself, he wanted to end everything as fast as he

packed his bag only with his clothes, two extra pairs of shoes and a long
letter addressed to someone; he did not leave space for any of the paintings or

swung his bag and for the last time stared at his trophy room, complete of the
treasure he had accumulated from Day 1 of his career.

he made the right decision?  He has a
good life here, why leave it and settle in a far off stranger land?’

then a voice whispered and spoke, “You have enjoyed enough, it’s time for your
grand retirement.”

voice was all he needed; he went down the steep steps and went out of his house.
He turned back and looked up at the mansion he had called home for decades, and
then he walked away from it not bothering to look back at it ever again.

was time for his grand retirement, he was ready.

body’s reflexes were not as good as his younger version, but he still managed to
climb the tall gates of the police headquarters.

managing to dodge the scope of the security around, he used his knife to open
the window as fast as he could.

it unbolted, he slipped inside, it was a large square office with floors of Brazilian
Cherry wood, it was also filled with certificates and honorary badges titled to
the owner of the room.

plan was going well; he was a few steps closer to starting his grand

walked close to the study desk and opened his bag to pull out the letter which
was addressed to this man.

smoothed the note with his hand and laid it on the table.

a flicker, he was gone; if I have not told you that he had entered the room
through the window, no one would ever realize someone had broken in.

chief after having breakfast, entered his study and sat down to again review
the criminal records of the Wise Thief, to have even the slightest idea of his
current location.

before he opened the drawer where the folders were placed, he spotted a letter
which was addressed to him.

never got a letter for quite some time now, curious, he opened it.

chief did not have to find out where Anonymous’ location was, because
everything was written in the letter, the thief’s house address and the long
list of all the things he had stolen ever since.

the foot of the letter were written,

” I
decided to have a good long sleep after a long day’s hard work, but before
that, I would  return everything that
gave me temporary satisfaction, now, I am old and wise, I now  know that I prefer to live a simpler lifestyle
than a lavish but troubled one.

P.S. I
took care of all the possessions I have stolen; they are all in the most
perfect conditions.”

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