Play Smart


We are now on the second instalment of our undefeatable
series entitled, ROUNDS: “Starting your Win Streak”. On the previous week, we
have unmasked our masked opponents, but is that really enough? Knowing our
counterpart’s identity is only the first step in reaching our goal to take them
down. One more cause of our defeats is not only failing to know our opponents
really well, but of the reason that we get too overwhelmed unveiling our foes
that we forget what to do next. Instead of devising a plan of action to
completely eliminate our adversary, we skip this part and instead divert our
efforts on knocking out the rival in any unsystematic way we could think of. We
always forget that “We can never win
without the best series of plans.”
At this moment, I am going to give you a
systematic guide on how to best win regardless of whatever circumstance that
interrupts you in your encounter with the “known”.

1. Determine what kind of ground you are going to set foot in.

First of all, we are not going to talk about the 9 Grounds
mentioned in Sun Tzu’s Art of War, instead we are going to look further in to
whether you are on the Advantageous or Disadvantageous locations. Remember that
your combat field is not always in your favor but mostly on your dislike. Name
one person or thing that would fight another with his odds only standing at 10
% or less and not even familiar with the war’s setting, NO ONE! If you want to prevail
so badly, so is your enemy, so do not expect that your enemy would let
himself/herself/itself be your punching bag, anticipate he/she/it to fight back
by using the location against you.

Advantageous Grounds are sites in which you feel like you possess
the so-called, “home court advantage”. Yes, being in the safety of our
territory and even having the combat within its borders makes it seem as an
easy win, but really, it’s not. Being in an advantageous location means that we
hold the time and resources of our opponent, we hold the time of when to stop
or not. Looking at the picture, it looks like that we have the benefit, but
certainly not, we are always in constant danger of losing many things if we move
wrongly and lose at home. On the contrary, gaining victory in our preferred
location means we are secured in a strong foundation, while other attacking
invaders may draw back seeing that you are a beast at home. How do we strengthen
our strongholds? We fortify it, by, having enough knowledge of what our strong
characteristics are, because these qualities are the roots of our someday, “Advantageous
Location”.  Next, is by building more of
these strongholds by expanding our scope about what we are preeminent at,
leaving no room for the enemies’ dwelling places.

Disadvantageous Locations
are where our opponents reside in; this is where most of us foolishly foray,
with no proper planning and execution. These positions are where the enemies
get their strength and set up strategies to get a better hold of you. It is
frightening to hear, that most of our enemies’ life force come directly from
our advantageous places, such as our pride, greed, selfishness and many more. The
main reason why the disadvantageous multiply more than our advantageous is
because we choose to let it stay there and continue its life cycle. Sometimes,
in order for us to succeed, we should first enter the enemy’s lair and face
them ourselves, because nothing good will occur if you just stay in one place
waiting for your opponent’s first move.  Commit to memory that it is up to you
whether to wait for it or come for it.

 2. In Chess, the pawn goes forward first.

It is amusing to see teams coming back from a large deficit and
surprising the opposing team by dropping of numbers on the last quarters. This
is because the enemy team had started strongest but ended weakest. Don’t be
mistaken, it is superb to start strong, to have an early lead, but don’t take
it for granted, instead, play like it is the last second and hit every goal you
could because the game is never over. Why is it that it is so easy to start but
so hard to maintain or even to close it grandly? It is because we are
overconfident. Overconfidence, as said previously, is one of the power houses
of the enemy which is also easily sensed by them. Once they have realized your
being comfortable because you have unloaded all your best shots, they slowly take
off their weak disguises and recharge it with shockingly better and stronger
weapons. Yes, I know that it is very easy to be complacent when you are up by
big numbers that we disregard that we are still in the game with the clock
still ticking. So what do we have to do? If you have the upper hand, continue
to have the upper hand, if otherwise, strive to gain the lead. As you may have
known, I have been a Chess player for many years, and my secret to constant
success in games, is by “misleading” my rival. It works 60% of the time, they think
that they are winning but in fact they are losing because I have placed each one
of my pieces in the precise squares to later surprise him/her and disrupt them
of the plan that they are cooking. In a
physical or mental battle with someone or yourself, take note that you may
always not have the upper hand but you encompass the skills to confuse and
overcome the enemy.

 3. Start with Plan A and end with Plan Z.

There is no single strategy or game plan to gain the victory.
You are always in need of not 1 backup, but a hundred more of them. Be futuristic,
the opponent may know how to counteract that single scheme of yours, so don’t
be contented with a single one. Having an array of plans means you having a closer
chance of getting a 100% assured victory. Creating these may be tiring for you,
all the mind and body you put to it and the even larger possibility that it
would fail or it may not be even an option to use, but it also means an even
more exhausting job for the foe, because he/she/it would not only stress out
thinking how to offset a single strategy but a hundred other, unfamiliar ones. You do not have to be a genius to put
together a series of plans and execute it, you just have to learn how to “Play
, How? By first, planning everything from the start till the very end
the best you can.”

I am in no doubt that you now know how to effectively plan
perfectly, but are you sure that you could put these “so-called plans of yours” in to effect, as flawless as you have imagined
it? Come back next Sunday where we would end this champion series with a “Knockout”.


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