A Win is NEVER a WIN without the letter “W”

“Sometimes you
don’t realize your own strength until you come face to face with your greatest

– Susan Gale

Ultimately, we are now on the last round of our series, ROUNDS:
“Starting you Win Streak”. Before I start, I would like to leave everyone with
this big and powerful note, “Engaging in
to something without a plan is simply losing, while A Perfect Plan without
Execution is just like waiting for no one to come.”
Last Sunday, we have examined
ways on how to come up with an effective plan so we could have a big advantage
over our both tangible and intangible opponents, now, our planning is over and
it is time to take these preparations into action. Always put in mind that no
matter how good you devise ways on winning, when played on the wrong foot is a “MISSION
FAILED”, so ensure you are constantly in the right place, in the right time. It
is true that among everything we have talked about in these articles, Execution of the plan is the hardest,
because once in the field, even with an effective plan, there is no escaping,
plus a 99% possibility that  you would
fail because of all the unwelcomed, irresistible factors that may intervene in
your listed down strategies. The common mistake we meet is that we think that
our plan’s execution should occur as a defensive resort to the stampeding wave
of our counterparts; instead we must execute our plans as an offensive start than
a last option.  

1. Attack them when you are at your WEAKEST and them, at their

Come again? I know it sounds more frustrating when read aloud
than silently. It is tough to admit, but it’s true that your enemy is always
strong at first, but facing him/her/it again and again lessens the fear that
they instil in you, making your every meeting with them, less frightening than
the last.  As I have said in the last
article, “most of our enemies’ life force comes directly from our advantageous
places, such as our pride, greed, selfishness and many more”, they get stronger
because of every wrong move we make and feast on our ignorance. Once our opponents
get so much FULL of all these, they start to think that we are useless and not
a hindrance to anything that they are arranging next, and we too start to believe
the same, this is where we go wrong again. Having the adversary to think that
we are nothing anymore, is the perfect advantage for us to carry out our plans,
because once our counterparts get so full of themselves, they lessen any
probability of them losing to the underdog. Let us relate our talk to the
movie, “Real Steel”, Atom, a low grade robot, the weaker contender of every
match was able to win every fight because of being the little bot instead of
the defending champion. It is not just being the underdog of the fight, but
also recognizing that in reality, the contender will lose less than the title
holder. What do I mean? Unlike the victor, who has all eyes on him/her/it and
with all confidence they possess, you have none watching you and all the
reasons why not to be confident, which is a good thing. The lesser pressure you
burden yourself with, the greater chances of winning because instead of thinking
of the outcome of the fight, you focus yourself on how you would survive each
minute of every round. Why did Atom defeat Zeus, the RBC? It was because Zeus’ party
where way above the clouds underestimating Atom by assuming the results of the
bout in favor of their robot, while Atom’s controllers played the game well by
exhausting all the opponent’s sttrength, and once tired, they gave all what
they could. We could never defeat our opponents if we do not try challenging them;
we are surely exhausted by being always forcefully dragged to the arena by our
adversary and obliging us to fight the wars we could never win, instead we
should do the opposite and be always on the offensive standpoint by luring our opponents
by making them view us as how they want to see us     and surprising them later on.

Follow the Plan till the end

Most people get tired of following the plan and choose to
execute nothing at all. After all the hard work that you exerted in knowing
your opponent and strategizing endless plans,
you are not going to simply throw it away because you just don’t feel
like doing it because the circumstances  has changed. The plan always keep you alive and
that is a fact, it is true that on the real battlefield, only about 45% of everything
you assumed and planned would actually happen, and despite the below average
possibility, but at least there is a small but definite chance that something
you presumed would really happen and could be easily countered, thanks to your readymade
plan. When you execute something, make sure that you would live up to it,
because once the execution starts there is no going back and any place to hide.
Take in to mind how great it would be to finally win a war that you thought you
couldn’t by stepping on the right stones and valuing patience, which is always
the determinant of your Win or Lose. Finally getting rid of you worst fears,
nightmares and trepidations to success, must be you’re driving force to stand
up above the rest and reclaiming the crown which was stolen from you by the
thieves, who already have blindly lost from the start, because you have been
their enemy, should be your heart’s desire. Go forth and continue your win
streak by doing what you believe what must be done. “There is no strong enemy, only a well experienced one.”

back next Sunday and join me in our new Christmas Special Series, “Merry: “Will
your wish just be a wish?”

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