20th of December

Happiness is not something bought in a local store, but is
felt in any circumstance

Why this day was very special to everybody? I never knew.

Despite the numerous attempts of my colleagues to encourage
me to take part in this so called

“Outstanding” occasion, I continually rejected these offers
and made constant excuses to my


Finally after two years of absence, my curiosity of what
exceptionality this experience has to offer was the only reason why I finally signed up for the

My expectations were never high in this; I’ve made up my mind
to just take a peek

and then leave the grounds peacefully.

But all of my plans were shattered at an instant when I
stepped in

They were really right; it was fabulous, extraordinary and
jam packed with people of different sorts

My university never looked like this before, I’ve always
known it to have quiet and peaceful surroundings, but this night was an exemption.

After finally being able to squeeze in to every opening I
could find, I managed to group with the colleagues who were waiting on the southern side.

had the most enjoyable Christmas party, not because of the fancy decorations
and attractions stationed in the place, but of the company I was with.

laughed, talked, exchanged gifts throughout the hours while waiting for the
finale, everybody was talking about.

was 9:30 pm when we settled ourselves on the right side of the damp and muddy
field to view the show

of blue, silver, gold, red and white lights shot up to the silent night, the
fireflies collided, danced, spiralled and skewered finding their way to the
night skies above. It was brilliant.

Christmas is 5 days away, I really felt the day really had come early because
of the united ecstatic sensations we all felt during that evening.

the 20th of December would forever be the most enjoyable days in my life;
its memories would never fade.

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