Just Wish


to our Christmas Special Series, MERRY: “Will your wish just be a wish?” The
Holidays has finally just arrived and it is a signal for all of us to draw out
our wallets so our earned bills could be “wisely” and lavishly spent, but this December
break also requires us to fill up our papers with a few things we wish to achieve
or have this coming year. Have you started or ended marking you Wish List? If
you ask me, I have not yet put a period on my list because of the many things I
want to improve in myself, home and study place. At the end of this 3 part
series, I aim to encourage my readers that all our wishes are possible to
attain, and the only hindrance between them and their objective is US concluding
that it’s only a Christmas or New Year’s wish that is meant to come and go at a
specific time of the year. Wishing is
free, it is a gift by our Creator, and it makes us stronger everyday knowing
that we have something else aside from family, work or study that keeps us
going for the next years.
It is acceptable to continually stumble across
the long, rocky and winding path towards our goals, it is part of our human
nature to fail sometimes, but what is intolerable is the fact that people stop
failing because they have stayed where they are or forget that there is still a
marathon to finish. I have always wondered why we have to wish for people or
things that may seem distant, and after many ponderings, I have finally apprehended
that we yearn for someone or something not because it/they are hard to get but
because we know deep inside we possess even the slightest prospect to reach and
pursue them.

We are all familiar with the story of the birth of our Savior
Jesus Christ, how the King of Kings was born in a manger in Bethlehem, instead
of grand palace and the impact that day had and has brought and still brings to
the people of the world. But have you ever brought into the slightest idea why
God had decided to bless the human race with His own begotten son? Have you
ever thought that if our ancestors had not bothered to persistently ask God for
someone to help them alleviate their worries; would we still be celebrating
Christmas right now? See, it all started with a simple determination and
request by the people for a hero and king to help, lead and preach to them. God,
instead of granting what they wanted, blessed them with The One even greater
than they have ever dreamed of.

Do not expect something greater to come right in front of
your doorstep if you just wish. Mix your daily habit with loads of
determination and soon your wish will soon change form into something much more
foreseeable and maybe achievable sometime around. You could wish all time long
even without the season, but what makes wishing in Christmas more special is
that we feel that the gap between us and our inclinations shorten because there
is unexplainable magic that circulates around this season of giving. What magic
is there? Thanks to the best Christmas wish that the people before us requested
and the beyond best Christmas gift that was given to them and us that we enjoy
and share as a big family the beauty and blessings that this festivity has
always offered. Come back next Saturday, where we together unravel the Art of

Have the Best Holidays!

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