Wishing 101: An Artist’s Point of View


Last Saturday, we have welcomed the first article of our new
Special Series, by discussing what wishing is, how and why it is made and its
impact to both the wisher and surrounding crowd once the wish is granted. Now,
we are going to plummet a little bit deeper and look at Wishing not just as a
children’s list addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Claus, instead it should be
imperatively learned and understood by many individuals. We not only greet the
first week of 2018 with merry cheers, renewed souls, objectives and empty
wallets but also with high hopes and expectations that our past and present wishes
would someday be granted. In the highly advanced world that we live in today,
it is without doubt that many aim to acquire more material possessions and
quite less than usual immaterial moments, the worse is that a number of people
acquire things sometimes beyond their means, not just because it is what they
need but more of what they want. Never get me wrong, the previous day; I had
purchased a 1terabyte hard drive that costs a little pricey, to support my
other storage to accommodate more of the films that I am viewing during my
spare hours. I always make sure that before the year ends, I obtain an object
that would accompany, assist or motivate me for the next 12 months of the New
Year. In addition, it took 2 months for me to convince myself that the hard
drive is definitely a need which is definitely worth buying. I believe that the
common mistake that most make, including me, is that we tend to have a love at
first sight for things that we feel we need but really deep inside, we know we
don’t. Surely, all of us want our well earned money to be spent for items that
would do us good, better or even best; also whatever we write down in our list
should be attainable in our standard of living today.

Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and
Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam, Wishing must be appreciated and remembered as
an A.R.T.
The moment we decide what
to wish for, we then realize what to work hard for and that is the main reason
why we must be careful of what we wish for, because once we put our foot on the
gas, the only way to stop is when we reach the line.

1. Appreciate the value of what we have now, because only by
this we would know to what degree of significance we would give to the
treasures we would receive tomorrow.

Before you start wishing for something else, know how contented you are with your current
. There are 2 reasons why we wish, first is because we don’t have what
we want and second is we need more of what will make us contented. Picture
yourself as a person thirsty for water, lacking hydration or maybe wanting
another glass. People who yearn for water our people who had never tasted it at
all and that is what drives them for wanting to drink it, that is why they work
hard to achieve it. Individuals who lack hydration are those who had tasted the
liquid and exert much effort than the last because they have already felt the
goodness of achieving it, making them want to reach it again. The last are the
people who are full to the brim yet they want to take more than what their
appetite can, which makes them the least hardworking of the 3 because they are
blinded by what the granted wishes has done to them, resulting to them
excessively wishing for nothing at all. Know what kind of wisher, dreamer or
goal achiever you are among these, and then you will know how to approach your
many ambitions in life.

 2. Realize why you want to wish for something.

I’ll go straight to my point because lots are in denial of
what causes their driving force. Ask yourself first because you do what you
have to do, Why do I have to do what I
need to do?
Is it for your own good? Your friends? Family? Or maybe for the
pleasure of the majority? As I have said previously, you could never stop a
running car unless it crashes or is achieved. All of us have reasons why we
want to wish for something and that reasons must justify your actions in the
present and in the future. Always want something because you want it, not of
what others think is wanted, you push yourself lesser to the limit if you
choose to work for others than your own welfare. I am not saying that it is
false to wish for other people, especially your family and friends, but take
assurance that you do better first on your own before others. You are
hoodwinking yourself if you think that you could help others without wishing
good for yourself.

 3. Think of what will happen next.

To shorten this up, be
The problem with all of us is that we do our 1000% effort in
attaining our 1 ultimate wish in life, that we forget that after the
Achievement Day, there is still a next day to live and wish again. They say in
life, there are 2 things which are constant, death and taxes, now, make it 3 by
adding your wishes. I believe that Life is all about wishes, our life force circles
around this one personal and specific goal, that when achieved makes us like an
overflowing well of water, when not, an empty one. Never focus to achieve only
one objective, aim to accomplish as many as you could muster because time is
scarce and options are infinite and free, the only question is if you could
make all possible in a snap of a finger. The cause of why some choose to stay
idle till their death day is because they are fixated to a wish that may not be
completed at the moment, (but maybe soon) and them concluding that they are over
if their one mission failed. For the nth time, I will say that Wishing is free
but working for it is not. Do not stick to a single decision, make many so that
your life will go on, it is frustrating to fall short but staying put is no
more different than death.

Be determined.

Come back next Sunday and let us put a finale to our Holiday
Special Series entitled, MERRY: “Will your wish just be a wish?

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