Wish Delayed is not Wish Denied

“All paradises, all utopias are designed by who
is not there, by the people who are not allowed in.

Toni Morrison

As we finish our Special Series, MERRY: “Will your wish just
be a wish?” I would like to close this 3 part sequence, with an amazing
message, “A wish delayed is not a wish denied.” We all work for what we think we deserve, but most of the time, we
forget that most of the things we deserve are not always the things we need to
survive the current situations.
Now, we are going to discuss what is
everyone’s Final Wish, YES, you heard me right, and I am talking about the
general wish of everyone in the world. I may not know how many wishes you hope
to be achieved or given but I know that each and everyone share a common
desire-“I wish that all my wishes will
be granted today, tomorrow or as soon as possible.”
Don’t continue to read
this article if you disagree that all of us want to grant our heart’s
ambitions. Moving on, we drown ourselves in an empty basin if we believe that
we work hard every single second and assume we get nothing at all in the
end.  This certainty has always been the
cancer to the healthy, hard working individuals in our communities, because
they put a due date to when they anticipate their wishes to come true.
Expecting our wishes to be granted is not like waiting for a fixed salary day,
instead it is planned to be fulfilled anytime, anywhere and delivered through
unimaginable means. Never be upset, if
things don’t go the way you plan because there is no one path to achievement.

Like what I have said last week, we wish, because we want to
know what it feels like to have or experience the euphoria every time again
when we are in its company. The quote above is the best reason why we wish and
dream. I deem that the process of working extra harder, wishing and believing
that someday all of our dedications would pay off is much more thrilling than
actually receiving the fruits of our labor. The fact that we do not know what lays in store of us the next few
minutes, hours and days are unconsciously why we do our best day after day.

We want to know what our paradise looks like and how different it is from the
current state we exist in. I discern that some of our number feels that their
heaven is a light year away from their grasp, but for me, even if I have never
been physically in my paradise through my 5 senses, I feel that I am already
there, because I define my cloud nine as a place where I undergo my hardest
trials through my sweat and tears so that maybe someday I could be a paradise to
someone who is searching for a guide to finally find and dwell in a place they
could call their “home.”

It is obvious that almost everyone may have read or heard
this statement, “God has his own perfect
We may have encountered this wise sentence, but do we fully grasp
its full meaning? It took me quite a few, rich years before I personally
understood what this really meant, it is not because I had trouble with the
vocabulary, but of the reason that I have never experienced consciously, that
“perfect timing”. Fast forward to the present when I occasionally take a good glance
at the past, I recognize what “God’s timing” really means, on one occasion, I
constantly reminded God that I wanted to represent my University and win the
inter-school Chess Competition, fortunately, among the many candidates, I was
chosen to represent them all, but unluckily. I was astonishingly eliminated
immediately at the second round. Imagine the frustration I had, it seemed that
after months of training, nothing good had happened. That loss of mine, made it
my motivation to practice even harder so during the next time I’d play, it
would be a guaranteed win, and indeed on the next tournament, I was blessed
enough to bring home the gold. Before, I was really crestfallen of the downturn
of events, but then it dawned unto me that without that loss, I might never
have prepared even better because of the confidence I would have gained if I
won on the first try. See, God has reasons for everything that happens to us at
the moment, which is why we must not fear of what will happen next, because the plan will always be accomplished in
many, mysterious ways
. Our Father always helps us hope for what is good for
us, better for others and best for him, because that is what Life is all about
and we’ve got to live like we have many dreams that are need of completion.

Enjoy the luxury of Wishing, its free. Dream for the Better.
Live to Achieve it.

Come back next week, and together let us enjoy our fresh
Sunday Special Series, SPRINT: “How Fast Does Your Time Fly?”

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