Friday’s Blessings

Name one person
who never gets frustrated. You are not the only who gets upset and lonely at
times, all of the people residing on Planet Earth has experienced the feelings
of regret, disappointment, sadness and fear of a million incomprehensible
things. Remember that every event in our lives happens for a definite, unexplained
reason and failure is always part of the equation. We live in a world that
is full of possibilities and opportunities, yet also one that is designed with
infuriating and distressing objects and people, which are always the cause of
our failure and weakness. People fear the thought of trying and failing at the
same time, when we start to reject the fact that these are inseparable identities we also assume that success is also impossible to achieve. You are never alone
in your darkest days and doomed nights because our Heavenly Father is always
around waiting for your call. Never be disheartened by what the current events
are doing to you, because those are the deeds of the weak, Enjoy every day and
Keep Smiling, because these are what we do.

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