Saturday’s Blessings

you ever wondered why there are 7 days in a week? The truth is, we are blessed
with 5 days of work and study so that we could discover the 5 major virtues which
are imperative to improve on, these are, To love you as you, To learn
from others, To respect everyone, To
appreciate that every minute is a
gift and finally, so We could earn the
merits of our hard work. The remaining 2 days are rewarded to us, so that
first, we could reflect on what the beauty of the week has been, and secondly,
express our gratefulness to the Almighty Lord. It may seem that 7 has been
randomly chosen as a number of the days in a week, however let us not forget
that everything happens for a good reason and it is  never  a
wrong option that we choose to work harder than ever. Just remember, that each
day has its own reason for existence, and you have a major part in making sure
that is existence has done its cause. Saturday is the best rest day for you to
do better for the next week’s challenges, and I know you are aware of that too.

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