Toque de la Vida (Part III: Doing it Again)


was already an hour before proper evening, when they had reached their
destination. He waited outside the doorstep in front of the brown, oak doors
while the brown skinned man parked the black car on the right side of the
spacious, fresh mown loan. He was carefully instructed to stand still and stay
put beside the lamp post and garden gnome, as soon as he get out of the
automobile, his head still hurt because of the dream he had, the reason why he
chose to obey. It took two minutes before the bodyguard was able to perfectly
position the Mercedes Benz, after then, he was approached by him.

“You did not touch anything, did
asked the man.

“As you asked”
he replied stiffly.

“Oh good, follow me then.”
began the brown skinned man, as he led the way to the uneven, rough stone

followed at once.

bodyguard knocked three times before they entered a vast reception area lit by
more than a dozen Candle Lanterns and an 18th century chandelier positioned
very high above. They walked across the room silently, the only sounds heard
were their hurried footsteps and a sombre piece played from the piano. At last
the two of them, stopped in front of another oak door which is like the first,
but was completely draped in white.

the suited man reached for the brass knobs, he quickly added in a whisper, “Hey, before we enter this door, I would
remind you that there are very important people, so show some respect, and,
once you see my mistress, bow as low as you can, Got it?”

“Oh right, Sure I would.”
he hastily responded in a low and snappy voice.

the blue suited guard made sure that what he had said was definitely clear, he
straightened up and entered first, after he took a few steps forward, he then
signalled the visitor to enter. He slowly tagged along, and upon looking
around, he realized that the hall was exactly like the one where his late Tio Edgar had lain, except that this was
quite larger and the carpets had all the same touch of black. He circumspectly
trailed after the man’s steps and made sure that he will not bump into any
crowd or crash any of the luxurious glass pots and furniture that lined the
pathway. The guard stopped so abruptly that he almost smacked his bent down
head to the man’s wide back.

“Why did you stop?” he
enquired furiously.

“Just stay where you are, she’s
murmured the man as he gestured his portly index onto his
pursed lips.

tiptoed a bit to have a glimpse of whom the guard was referring to, a little
later he saw a woman wearing a brown coat with rich long grey hair, walking
across the hall entertaining  a morose
looking visitor and his wife. The eyes of everyone in the area followed her, as
she paced around trying to reassure everyone, she will be alright. The two of
them had been standing there for ten minutes, when at last the suited man waved
his hand a little so that they would be recognized; the woman instantaneously
noticed and approached them with open arms. It looked to him that her worried
voice had faded in an instant and her face was suddenly lit with enthusiasm.

Wallace! You’re here.” welcomed the woman.

was befuddled, it was very evident on the way he looked, and he wondered to
whom was the lady speaking to.

Senora, sorry for the small hold-up” answered
the blue suited man as he bowed so deeply that his forehead was several inches
away from the ground.

then dawned unto him that all this time they were together; he had never
bothered to ask the brown man’s name.

“No worries, I have feared that you
might not have made it here on time.”
she said in a now calm voice.

every single visitor had their eyes on the three of them, apparently hanging
onto every word they were talking about, the feeling made him very

woman had noticed the awkward silence, so she asked the man inaudibly, “Did you bring him with you?’

nodded, and before the guard managed to drag him in front of the woman, she
turned from them and addressed the visitors, Gracias
por estar conmigo mientras lloro por la muerte de mi esposo
, but I have to take a nice, long bed rest as recommended
by my doctor. See you tomorrow.”

The guests stood up
one by one, and said their farewells to the mistress.

mi mi simpatia es para ti”
said an old Spanish high official wearing a top hat, as he
kissed her hand.

greetings to your wife in Spain”
she answered appreciatively.

je suis confiant que nous nous reverrons”
a young French woman wearing several gold rings on her left hand, as she kissed
the mistress’ cheeks.

vous remercie”
she responded weakly.

“Your anguish would be gone soon, Estrella. I’ll give all the time you
need, I’ll handle all the affairs in the company while you’re away.”

assured the booming voice of her American business partner.

“I am sure of that, Douglas.”
Estrella replied satisfactorily.

procession of both local and foreign visitors greeting Senora Estrella before exiting the doors went on and on for an hour
or so. As the line of people going out thinned, he noticed that the place was
larger than he ever imagined it was, but his attention was shifted from the
crowd by a man standing alone on the dark cornered spot, he had a pen on his
right hand and a red notebook on the other. His movement was very suspicious,
that it urged him to go a little closer and check on what he is up to, but
before he took another step, the man had noticed the movement and winked at
him. He was about to say that by now, the man should have already left, however
his awareness was again diverted by Wallace’s

“Kid, I told you to behave
yourself, stay put.”

was about to defend himself by saying he saw a visitor just standing by the post;
however, as he looked back there was no one there. He just kept quiet and
waited for his cue.

had been another hour before the whole household made sure that the coast was
clear. Wallace, followed by two other
guards roamed each room of the manor thrice before they reported that all the visitors
had left.  He wondered if the mysterious
man was already escorted outside, so as soon he caught eye of the guard, he
asked, “You know, the man right over
(as he pointed to the shadowed corner where the man once stood) Have you—”

broke up, “Security is not your concern,
Now follow me, it’s your time.”

walked shortly into another door, a much smaller one than the last two, except
that this was painted blue. He was motioned to enter first, followed by Senora Estrella and Wallace.

Wallace, kindly block the doorway.”
began Senora Estrella

Wallace positioned himself in front
of the door to restrict any unexpected audience or eavesdroppers, the mistress
spoke in a clearer voice, “My apologies if I failed to introduce myself
formally, “I am Estrella Del Mario,
the wife of the deceased.

 “ This was my husband’s work office, he
spends most of his time here, so I thought this is the proper place to place
his casket.”

waiting for a reply, she carried on, “I
have heard tales about a man who could bring the dead back to life, my sources
told me that you are that man.”

still persisted, “I told Wallace to do what it takes to bring
you here, a few hours after my husband’s death.”
She walked towards her husband’s
body and cleaned the glass with her delicate hands. “Where did you get your uhm, er- powers work?” she asked, now in a
tone of utmost formality.

“Long story.”
he answered blankly.

“So, how does it work?”
Senora Estrella asked once again.

straightened up as best as he could, this was always one of the moments where
he felt that he was better than anyone. “I
give the dead person “life points”, additional hours, days or a year to live,
in order that he could say or accomplish the things he had not yet said or done
when we was still in his full consciousness.”
He saw that Senora Estrella
had her eyes wide opened and he even felt Wallace listening intently, so he
continued. “The ability or rather curse
I hold has its consequences though; I had only realized it four years ago, when
one person receives good fortune, someone gets the otherwise.”
When he
realized that he had disclosed too much information, he rashly concluded, “That’s all.”

Senora Estrella was to keen to hear
much, so she enquired for the third time, “What
drawbacks do you mean?”

simply replied, “Nothing, That’s all.”

felt the finality in his voice, so she slipped back to the previous discussion
and sensitively said, “Do what you must.”

walked forward, he could sense the intensity in the place, Senora Estrella had
her eyes fixed on the glass coffin, Wallace
had his eyes on his shoes and he felt his two legs shaking, it was the first
time again, he would perform the act after two years.

breathed deeply and placed his right hand on the cover just above the master’s
chest. He opened his closely shut eyes and acknowledged the woman, “Why do you want him alive and how long do
you want him to live?”

Senora Estrella
removed her gaze from her husband and looked at him in the eye, “Me and Trio had quite a misunderstanding
before his passing away, I want to make sure that everything is fine between us
before he rests in peace again.”

kept on, “Could you really do that? I m-mean
give him at least 4 days to be in our company, and then we will tell everyone
that his wake had been extended, I’ll assume that none of this resurrection
would be known.”

was satisfied with her answer, so he began. Violet sparks charged out of his
right hand, shaking the whole office, making the woman hold onto the table and Wallace onto the door frame. After two
long minutes of the casket shaking violently and books fall out from the
shelves, it was done. The two eyes inside the coffin opened, Estrella went closer and put her two
hands onto her mouth,, “I can’t believe
it, Trio is alive. Wallace, open the casket.”
The blue
suited man, though still ghost in face, hurriedly rushed forward, lifted the
glass case open and helped his master sit up properly.

It’s alright.”
Estrella cried and wrapped her bony arms into his cold neck.”

reaction on Trio’s face was very
confusing, that it looked like he was in the verge of tears or rather trying to
smile widely.

had noticed that a man was standing outside the office, until he clapped his
hands three times. When everybody turned around, including Trio, he spoke in a very gruff voice, “It is not every day that I see a man being brought to life by a boy.”, “A
very interesting story it is.”

Senor Estrella,
who must look shocked, answered in a quite dangerous voice, “Ah, who could it be, Benito
, the walking disaster, never getting tired of publishing misleading
articles about other people’s lives, including ours?

Salas answered with an
awfully wicked smile, “Oh no, I have my facts
and bases, I tell the truth about the seemingly painted white personalities
like you, Senora Del Mario.”

an effort of trying to calm her voice down, she said, “If any of the events that happened now, comes out in public, I vow
that you would pay.”

“Oh would I or will you?” retorted
Benito Salas.

interrupted, “Don’t make a threat, if
you ever touch this family, you’ll have to face me!”

Benito Salas entered
the room and held up his hand, “If you
had well checked the cellar and listened to the boy, you won’t have me here, a
failure in security it is.”

Senora Estrella
raised her voice, Wallace, escort this reporter out of our house.”

“You don’t have to Estrella, because I can walk myself out.”
said Benito Salas. He then turned back and walked away.

“A pest he is”, Wallace and
Senora Estrella said in unison.

Trio was clothed in his normal attire
and brought to sleep, Estrella walked
out of the room and thanked him for what he had done, “Thank you for what you have done for me and my husband, my appreciation
is beyond words. Call me if you need anything. Have any dinner you prefer outside
with Wallace as your escort.”

How about you Senora? I believe you need my assistance here.” asked Wallace automatically.

“I’m fine, I can handle everything
at hand for a while.”
guaranteed Estrella.

giving out instructions to the bodyguard and once again reassuring him of her
safety, Senora Estrella bid goodbye
to him and Wallace.

“Good night, I hope we see each
other again.”
said Estrella joyfully.

could find no more words to say how welcome he is, so he decided it proper to
shrug and walk away.

and the suited man went down a flight of stairs and walked across the large
reception hall. He began to speak in an awkward tone to the guard, “Erhm- Wallace?
Can I call you Wallace?”

bodyguard looked at him and with a small laugh said, “Sure, you earned this house’s respect, so is mine.”

exited the door and were welcomed with a cold, windy breeze. They were about to
board the Mercedes again, to drive to what Wallace suggested a nice Italian
restaurant a couple of blocks away, when he was approached by Benito Salas, who was leaning on one of
the house’s pillars.

“Hi, A pleasant evening, I would
like to invite you over dinner, I want to know more about you.”
Salas to him in a weirdly polite voice, as Benito reached his huge hand for him
to shake.

charged forward, “Why are you still
here? My mistress told you to get out.”

grimaced, “I am, nonetheless it is not
your decision where he would eat, am I right?”

feeling defeated, backed one step.

“So, to continue, do you agree?”

thought of this carefully, looking at Wallace’s
shadow covered face, he carefully answered, “Yes, we’ll follow you to dinner.”

triumphantly answered, “That settles it,
just follow my car.” as Benito ran
towards the parked car right outside the gate.”

followed Wallace to their car and
entered it without looking at the now, irritated man.

was just so interested onto how the tension between the two parties started.
Curiosity had never hit him so hard before.

engine started.

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