Tuesday’s Blessings

invited my friend once to join our Ministry for Christ, conversely he told me
blankly, “I am not religious, Is it for Catholics?” Sensing his discouraged
tone, I replied, “As long as you believe
you are a human person that commits sin every day, and is need of salvation,
you are always welcome to join us.”
I was a bit surprised that I had said
that all in an instant and he too seemed impressed in what I had just said. For
me, the real rationale why most of our brothers and sisters feel lost alone is
the reason that they assume that they have to memorize around ten Bible Verses
a day to call them a Christian or pray the rosary thrice a week to call them
worthy enough to attend the mass. We, who know very well that we are already
saved by God, even before we were born, should help the people lost in hearts
find their way back to everlasting grace and unconditional love. As the saying
goes, “You don’t have to see, just believe.”

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