Friday’s Blessings

I’d catch a grenade
for ya (yeah yeah)”
, perhaps this is one of the most unforgettable lyrics
sang by music artist, Bruno Mars. How ready are you to catch a grenade or even
throw your hand on a blade to save her/his life?  There are many definitions of love, and none
of us know which the appropriate ones are. Ignorant of the facts or not, we
know that the best kind of love is the, Unconditional Love, and only one entity
is also famous for giving it, God. Everyone in this planet wants to be loved
unconditionally by a person who is willing to give it. But how? How many are
there, who give this kind of unfathomable love? Regrettably, these are
questions that can never be answered, instead be felt. We all want to learn how
to love best and be loved most by the individual who loves us willingly. It is apparent
to see people yearning the taste of unending delight and continuously fail countless
of times. Just keep in mind, that our Lord can give all of the care we need,
the effort never tires him, reciprocated or not, faithfully or unfaithfully, He
doesn’t care, it’s His job to LOVE us.
On the other hand, we humans never had the littlest grasp on how our Creator
just gives out LOVE, as if it was a simple giveaway. But I know this, in order
for us to fully appreciate what “Unconditionally” really means, try to love
another person without waiting for something in return, make it your daily
routine to say to yourself that, “I love this person.”, without including “because”, never force him/her to
appreciate you back since the world is never designed that way, and finally
Keep your Distance. Try these steps, then you will soon realize that loving
beyond boundaries is easier to achieve if you love like God, who has loved a
sinful person, like you and me.

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