Friday’s Blessings

I was given an “alkansya”, a Filipino
version of a piggybank, except it’s a tin can designed with any pattern you
prefer, plus it’s much more difficult to open. I had forcibly requested the
money saver as soon as possible, because I felt it is high time for me to start
saving once again. Filling up the miniature bank, counting how much far we had
gone and looking at the store items we could afford so far, are what I believe
are some of the favorite things most of us enjoy to do. I myself am a very,
very big fan of money saving, I promote it highly to my friends, family and
other groups because I trust that we would someday need backup cash, when the
best or worst would come. In my previous articles, I had clearly highlighted
that before every year ends, I make sure that I purchase something worth its
price and highly beneficial. In those years, I had realized that whenever we
drop every coin or bill in the can bank, we
not only save material elements but also improve on our discipline, decision
making and patience assets
. I feel others who could not bear to put a larger
value bill in an object that could not return what was just put, we all go
through it, I assure you. But, remember that nothing comes easy whether in
financial stabilization, character development and even purchasing a brand new
item. The idea of saving could be dated back to the Cave Man Ages, and
unfortunately it is highly infamous to the youth at present, because of the
many temptations, our advantages could afford. Some may smartly debate with an economics
major like me, that the price of goods and services increase as years pass,
because of the magic word, “Inflation”,
the value of money decreases from time to time, and finally, they would close
their fascinating argument by trying to infiltrate my conscience by saying that
every bill you save causes one man to lose his work, so what’s the point of
saving? Indeed, I’m totally speechless. Put this in heart, saving is not only a
concept that should be directly related to money, but also to our spiritual
improvement and values, which are all mechanically honed because of our one
single goal, which is to purchase the latest IPhone out in the market.

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