What’s with Time and Wings?


can Fly.” a saying too ancient maybe? Let’s try this, “Time can fly, you
can’t.” Sounds better? I welcome you to the first installment of our series for
the First Trimester of the year, SPRINT: “How Fast does Your Time Fly?”

been exactly two months since I had written the closing article of the series,
MERRY. My initial plan was to begin writing this new series, a week after the
last selection was published, but on the day I decided to start thinking of the
concepts I plan to put on to paper, a shocking news blew out the stillness of my
mind, when the devastating call from my grandmother assured the passing away of
grandfather. 8 weeks had past, and it seemed like yesterday that Death had
taken him away. Our last conversation was on New Year, his last words were, “You
could do it.” It was never in our wildest dreams that we had imagined he would
pass on to the next life 20 days later

ago, it dawned unto me that maybe it had been a very rare coincidence that I
had decided to name my 1st article in this series, “Time Flies”, and
seven days shortly,  someone in our
family flew up with our Father in heaven. No one has ever known who gave Time
the real ability to fly and why it has to, all we make out is that our objective is to collect memories, from
good to worst, as many as we can.
In our personal list of our misgivings
through time, I believe that among failing to try something new, believing things
are the same as it is from Day 1,  the worst is, us not pausing and valuing
how beautiful taking one step a time slowly is and instead trying to beat the clocks
that never stop.
The irony between the youngsters and old sectors is that
the two parties always want to switch ages, as if time would permit. It is
understandable that they have their reasons for that mentality; the previous
would demand that “Work is better than play.” The latter, would insist that “Play
is better than rest.” Evidently, these ideas could be rooted from their
different perspectives of time and how each tic-tac has affected their ways of
life. Why is it that as we get older and the Earth starts to wrinkle, time gets
faster as if it were chasing someone to the ends? I don’t know.

Lets answer the ultimate question, “What is with Time and Wings?” Time was
chosen to be blessed with it, in order that human beings won’t have to suffer
the burden of not enjoying the sight of the turtles crossing the finish line, observing
the seedlings growing into trees and the sun setting afar. The characteristic
that differentiates us from time is that, we don’t have to run so fast to an indefinite
finish line without looking back. Time is constant, we too are, but we also
grow not only in numbers, but also in our facilities. Take it slow, you have so
many goals ahead of you, accomplish it and make unforgettable reminiscences.
That is why you have a watch on your wrist; it was never made to insult you on
how late you had been, instead, to check how big your progress has become as of

back next week, in where we reveal how to effectively make our time a little
bit more worth than its value.

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