We were miraculous as we fed the multitude

We dined with Him as he broke the bread and lifted the cup

We were betrayed continuously as we did well

We wept with Him as he doubted in Gethsemane

We bled with Him as he was beaten with the flagrum

We suffered with Him as together we heaved the cross to Golgotha

We drank the wine of bitterness with him as he said his final words

We felt the blood gush from our side as we were pierced by the spear of animosity

We forgave as we closed our tired eyes

We were reborn on the third day, clean and blessed, healed and unblemished

Yet our resurrection still undoubted and forgotten

We continued to bless the world with Him as we preached side by side

We pardoned our enemies with Him as we assured their places in paradise

We are raised, we are loved, and we are forgiven, all because we are with the Father

Let us not forget these.

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