Sunday’s Blessings

A Happy Happy Easter Sunday to everyone! I believe that this is not an ordinary day for us Christians; this period marks a special kind of transition from our old selves to our new one. Yes, some may say that it’s just Holy Week, or rather a 7 day break meant for believers, so how does that exactly change us from head to toe, inside and out?The week that had gone was meant so that we could try to put ourselves in the shoes and place of Jesus Christ, which really means a really, great big deal. How big? Well, we had learned that Jesus, though son of God Almighty, had also experienced the human feelings of sadness, hunger, thirst and anger, he suffered under the human race’s highlighted negative attitudes towards the religious, such as to be mocked, tortured, cursed upon and even betrayed and denied by his close friends.

Just try to be in that state, how’d you feel? What makes Christ feel so close to us mortals is the fact that he did not go down from the cross to punish the Pharisees or High Priests or call the heavens to break open so that squadrons of angels could inflict the wrath of the Lord, instead he allowed himself to die on the cross of anguish as a human, also bleed and give his last breath, as we do before death.

The fact that we know that Jesus had been a person for about 33 years is something to say. We may be reborn spiritually (not exactly how Jesus had woke up physically from the dead after the 3rd day) over and over again, unceasingly, with no assurance if we would, even at the slightest hint, change our bad habits and disliked behaviors until the next Lent arrives, but at least we know that there is always a GOOD CHANCE of improvement in our lives as long as we live and try, despite the numerous times we fail and fall.

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