Writer’s Mentality

Do you know what writing is?
Nameless: Yes sir, I do.

What then is it?
Nameless: Complex, I guess, it varies from which color of ink you use.
(Shrugs) Is it true that everyone can write?

Nameless: I am uncertain sir; I can, so I suppose everyone could.
You seem confident with your answer, so how do you write?

Nameless: (blinks nervously) How? I do not know where to start, but at least my hands know where it should be.

I think you answered my question vaguely, but anyway, what do you write?
Nameless: Quite a variety sir, Haiku, Essays, Articles, Poems, Reflections, Quotations, are my specialty at the moment.

Is that so? (looking unconvinced) A general question, why do you presume writers as yourself choose to write than to talk in public, that sort you know?
Nameless: I don’t know with others, but I write because I have to.

Have to? A requirement is it? (staring intently)
Nameless: No sir, I have to because I am still unaware of why I did it in the first place.

So you people write mainly for the satisfaction of finding your purpose?
Nameless: That is true sir; a big audience loving your work is really a bonus for me.

So, you don’t care about the crowd?
Nameless: Sometimes, I never deny the fact that they can influence what you write, sir.

Really? In short, inspiration in writing is always your second option?
Nameless: That I believe is on our reader’s side to decide or even feel.

Do you honestly feel inspired when you write?
Nameless: Inspiration would never exist as a word without the letter “I”, sir.

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