The Gift of God

Had it not been for this person would we make out the light of day?

May she be tormented in eternity, but never her offspring

Only the delight of the delicate soul in her arms is what she seeks

Time had become old, but she knows her goal to the beloved is the reason why she still breathes

Heaven only knows, why she looks so firm, acts dramatically, chooses persistently and loves unconditionally

Each should understand God’s reason for the creation of these creatures, failure to do so, is simply denying our existence

Rise my friends for I think I’ve made myself very clear, take this day to thank that woman for the years she had sacrificed, the days she had not slept and the hours she bled and sweat.

A Mother, that is what you call them, blessed be the day when they were born and decided to take on the most difficult job in the world.

Appreciate the day, but never let the legacy of these hours be forgotten.

Never let this day pass without uttering to her the three words you and I already know.

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