Taking it Slow

we end this series, I would love to end it with one big message, “Take it slow, because every second counts.”

are the three major truths we have learned so far:

Time flies, very, very fast.

Time has no definite ending.

We adjust to time, not the other
way around.

 Let me ask, When
does every second count? Do you consider time significant when it had already
passed or is it a long accepted fact that you live with day by day? How do you
cope up with the deadliest deadlines and at the same time, enjoy your personal
life? I would like you to reflect on these thoughts before proceeding.  

The last write
ups had talked about Time and how others coped with it in the grandest way
possible, but now, this segment is dedicated to you, your schedules and everyday
struggles, in addition,  some helpful
pointers would be given to make you feel comfortable both at home and

 The main reason why we multitask, aside from
getting as many things accomplished is so that we could have more time for the
events and people that matters most, our hobbies, friends and family. It is
inevitable that sometimes, we forget our personal motivation, that’s why we
waste so much time running in circles finding what our real purpose is. There
are many instances in which we spend more time doing what is unnecessary,
instead of accomplishing what is essential. I believe wasting very valuable
time is an underrated epidemic that most of us (YES, including me) oversee and
don’t put into worry, probably because it has become a hobby of some to make
the days go without making it worthwhile or failing to put our management
skills into action.

I would give you five pointers on how to make each day very special.

1. Every morning you wake up, tell
yourself you are going to be extremely productive.

really works! Try it. You may have heard or read it from motivational speakers
and readers but still feel dispirited, even the unfortunate circumstance; I
tell you it is okay if you do not automatically feel the spirit of hard work
sipping into your system. Motivating yourself through your doubtful words is
indeed difficult, I too found it complex. The first time I heard of that tip, I
literally let the words pass my ears, because I was then arrogant enough to
believe that what I do every day is enough. Then a community of people opened
my eyes. Because of my unexplained enthusiasm or my sudden need of more than
skill to beat the time limits, one morning, I woke up and slowly mentioned, one
by one, all the things I wanted to accomplish for the whole day, including the
time I would allot for each activity. I am still not certain if it was by chance
or mere luck I was able to miraculously finish the impossible four college
requirements, two long reports, one presentation and also review for the
upcoming examination, but upon feeling the positive vibes, the words, “I
would be extremely productive today.”
entering into mind, something had
lit up in me. Since then, I made it my morning routine to list everything I
wish to accomplish on the next 24 hours. Trust me, it’s really effective.

2. Make a regular schedule.

It may seem childish
to still have a written schedule at hand, but it is the only way for work to
get done. Let me revise what I’ve said earlier, the schedule doesn’t have to be
literally etched on a sticky note; you are indeed free to imprint the plan of
attack in your mind. I’ve mentioned on the previous step that it is best if you
hope the best on the early hours of the day, but attraction is not enough, an
action is indeed required. I know we are poles apart on how we manage our time,
but as a morning person, I tell you that waking up as early as 7 am is the best
way to start the day, and in order for you to do that, it is imperative for you
to also sleep very early. Once you have already sheepishly crossed out the “WAKE UP AT 7AM!” bullet, you are now
ready to take a short but very full breakfast, again I have no whatsoever idea
of the food you eat, but make sure it has at least a slice of bread or a cup of
rice, which contains carbohydrates, to equip your body with the fuel it needs.
After the meal, take a good shower. Remember, your body first before your
goals, your mind may take the stress but in most occasions, the body is left
behind. Once you’ve crossed three of the bullets, you can now finish the job in
store, one by one. Even in the military, they have a plan and schedule to
follow, that is their secret to winning, rarely or never would you encounter a
platoon raiding a hostile territory without prior or backup preparations.  

 3. Start with the easy tasks first.

sometimes, people cram is not because they do the tasks late, but because they
start working wrongly. I prefer doing the much easiest of tasks first because I
hate to be the disappointed with the length of the hardest assignment, so I
warm up with the least tedious. For you to be able to finish everything on your
plate, you need confidence, and you won’t get that in failing your first
activity for the day. How do you build up confidence? Again, it differs, but my
work confidence builds up every time I carry out one task after the other, as
perfect as I could. This part would test how good you are in playing with your
limited time, because some are overwhelmed with the greatness of their work
that they forget that they need more time for the other pending activities, I
am guilty that I am among these kinds of people.

 4. After completing your obligations, spend
the day off with your loved ones.

the reason why you work, losing your purpose is like a train falling off from
the rails. Your family and loved ones is why you work hard every day, you keep a
schedule in hand, for the assurance that you would not spend the whole day
working on papers and requirements. It is not bad that you work extra harder
and leave no time for leisure with the people matters most, but ensure that it
does not become a habit. Even if the day is so hectic that you forget that life
is not a hundred percent work, try to stop for a moment and never forget what
matters most.

5. Before the day ends, clear your
head of all the stress, your work and workplace has brought you. Remember, it’s

we are done! It is rest assured that the day has been not wasted. The troubles
of tomorrow can wait, you have now the right to sleep peacefully and enjoy the
silence of the surroundings. It is a shocking fact according to Richmond
Hypnosis Center that around “110 million people die every year as a direct
result of stress.  That is 7 people every 2 seconds.”
and it is a sad fact that all these deaths are due
to STRESS. I believe that stress is a state of mind; it still depends on the individual
if he/she would torture themselves on the things that may never change or stop,
example of these are Work and Problems. There is always a reason why there are stars
spread on the sky, it is for you to rest and get ready for the next day.

in mind that the YOU always have the options, Time doesn’t.

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