D is for Discover

What are things that set you apart? The skills
that you have mastered, that no one ever has? Is that a talent, a scar, or an
event that made everyone look up to you? How do you see your difference/s, a
curse or a blessing? Don’t worry; we’ll answer these questions in this series.

2018 World Health Organization studies say that
around 300 million or 3.95% of the total global population have depression.
Further research has also confirmed that the cause of this sickness is mainly
due to personal conflicts. I suppose that the problem is all due to the fact
that majority of the people are insecure with their current mental and physical
states. Even though I can’t totally encourage you to deal with your
insecurities right away and instantly convert it into your strengths, maybe these
words might help you in your path towards reassurance, “Maybe you are not the toughest
kid in the block or the smartest kid in the class, but at least you possess
something greater than any talent, a kind and firm heart, recognizing that is
indeed what sets you apart, then unknowingly, your hidden gifts are discovered.”
Now, that is a start.

The reason why scores of people, mostly young
individuals, refuse to stand out is because they are scared. Scared of what, exactly? They are scared of the Possibilities. People fear that their
physical appearance or original behaviour would contradict with the standards of
the people surrounding them, or the community they are in. Let’s be realistic.
On your first day of school or work, the primary target is always to look good,
not for your benefit, but for others, to
be accepted
, to feel that you belong.
I am not saying that you should not wear the proper school uniform or
appropriate formal attire, but following the crowd should only be exclusive to
proper etiquette and grooming, your character must never change. There are many
people who force themselves into a group, in which they are never accepted or
truly loved, by sacrificing their heart’s desires, beliefs, and worse of all,
their beloved inward and outward fashion, just to belong. Again, don’t get me
wrong, it’s perfectly alright to be part of a cluster; it is indeed beneficial,
it helps us grow and as the saying goes, “No man is an island.” but make sure
you are participating in the RIGHT bunch.

Now, how do
you know that you are with the right individuals? It is pretty simple to
distinguish one from the other, really.

To know that you belong, or are going to be part
of an un-constructive group, there are four things you need to look out for:

There is a
strict set of rules that you need to solemnly follow, or else you’re out.

They promote
uniformity in physical appearance, clothing, and appearance; they also
discourage you from participating in your preferred activities, wearing your
comfortable choice of apparel and other actions that make you unique.

The group
always has an alpha dog, a leader which directs the herd, without your consent
or any means of approval.

They punish or
expel you for your unintended mistakes, instead of helping and building you.

If you desire to be with a support group, you must
definitely look for these four qualities:

There is no
such things as rules, the only things you have to do are to enjoy, laugh and
have fun

They accept
differences, wear anything you like, be anything you desire, do anything you
want, it’s your call, they’ve got your back.

What’s an
alpha dog? They do not have that kind of leadership, in fact, no leaders at
all. They are always a pack, and without you, they are incomplete, so you must
always be present.

Mistakes? Oh,
it’s normal. That is why they are with you, to help you go back up. They
organize a study session, give you free work advice during lunch breaks and
invite you to coffee or tea appointments for nothing formal, but to just have a
nice heart to heart conversation.

You get it? You or the group doesn’t have to
adjust to each other’s likings, instead, both parties must strive to excel. That
is our common mistake, we think that we are the problem, but absolutely we
aren’t, maybe we are just associating ourselves with the wrong crowd or the
unbefitting assemblies. All of us are different, it is not a problem, but
sadly, the present generation is emphasizing how unfitting it would be, if you
didn’t dance the same groove as the rest does. I don’t care if you were born
with a special condition, maybe a deformity, acquired an injury, or you are a
type of person who probably prefers to think out of the universe or communicate
your thoughts far unusually than the rest, it doesn’t matter, because it all
comes down to how you live with it, and live freely.

Now, we are going to unveil some of the very many
different meanings of the word, “Different.”

1.     To be Different is to be Weird

The good kind of weird, to be exact. There are people,
who prefer to act differently than the rest of the crew, not because they can’t
blend in, but because they choose not to. These kinds of individuals deviate
from the noise of the world, and prefer to operate alone, because in solitude,
they are more productive. The term, “weird”, is a harshly word imposed by some
persons to others, to express their disagreement with unusualness. Now, I think
it’s time to give “weird”, a better meaning, to not give discouragement, but to
express amazement in ingenuity.

2.     To be Different is to know your Strengths

Come on, let’s be honest to each other, you can’t
be a lone wolf if you don’t have the brain, the guts and the skill to divert
yourself to the world’s accepted standards. If you feel you are different from
the rest, you are strong, because you know how to accept yourself and not
frightened to show it to the world. Why is a different person strong? He/she is
strong, because of the harshness they have been through, the insults, beating
and all the rude faces they have to endure every single day, and still they are
doing what makes them, THEM.

3.     To be Different is being Happy

I’ve seen many weird people who are smiling, are
happy. I’ve interviewed a couple of them, and they have one common answer, “It’s my work that makes me happy, the
world, I can’t manipulate, but my talents, I could.”
Being happy is always
a matter of choice, the smile in your face must not lie on the actions or words
of others; it’s always up to you. You must not allow yourself to be a sheep to
an unknown shepherd; instead you must be the proprietor of something new,
something beneficial, something different.

On the next article, we are going to explore on
how you are going to use your difference to make a difference. Strive harder!

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