Meant to Be


Oh hold up, girl,
don’t you know you’re beautiful.

And it’s easy to see.

(Meant to Be by Bebe Rexha ft.
Florida Georgia Line)

is the message I want you to have in mind as we end this powerful series. The
chorus of this 2018 hit song could either be literally or figuratively by both
listeners and fans, but I think the artists had made their point very clear, “You are beautiful.” Some may say that
the verse specifically says, “her”
not him, so it means that men don’t count as good looking, well I tell you,
whether you are a girl or boy, just accept the compliment. The picture of
beauty has been constantly changing, the bars of perfection have also risen
significantly, and people keep chasing these standards, however, the question
is, “Do you really have to achieve
whatever benchmark that the society sets?”
You know, it’s not really an
enquiry of your ability, but a big question mark if you are going to accept the
unnecessary challenge or not. I assume that you had already learned much in
this series, and I’m pretty confident that you would choose to stray from the
expectations of the world, and continue whatever thing that makes you feel
positive, and contented.  

common misconception of our world is equating sameness with unity, and
differences with separation. These false impressions are the roots of all wars,
corruption of flesh and spirituality, and most of all, the discoloration of
one’s genuine ambition and purpose. It would be unbelieving if you would claim
that never in your life have you felt disheartened at the sight of your still
unfinished work, the look of dismay you see in the mirror every single day,
brought about by the judgemental, unhelpful comments of people and the downturn
of supposedly perfectly planned events.  It
is always sad that there are people who find themselves incomplete,
lacking.  Tempted or not, consciously or
not, they incessantly and mistakenly try to search their identity in other
people, which is wrong. Believe me, no person or even alien could tell you who
or what you are, YES, it’s true, that they could help in your soul searching
journey, but always in the necessary situations, it is you who would finally
realize why you are here, and who you are meant to be.

the spiritual builder in our community had once said, life is like a
multi-floored building with a thousand rooms. You have the power to choose any
door in your reach, but before stepping in, it must be assured that all your
confidence must be gathered, while every piece of regret and hesitance should
be left behind. He also added that despite the freedom of being able to exit
the room you had entered, it is advisable that you choose to stay put in the
room you had chosen, regardless of whatever monster faces you, because stepping
back from something you have long committed to, simply because of a resolvable
set of problems, means denying your finally found purpose. I know that it might
take long before you finally recognize what you really want to be or finally
have, but you can’t honestly keep chasing
multiple purposes forever; you’ve got to choose one, commit to it, and fulfil
You know what sets a person apart, makes them unique? I’ll tell you. An
individual’s mindset is what sets he/she apart, and being able to immediately
spot his/her true life’s purpose at a very early period is what makes one truly
gifted and rich. To add, Bro. Bo Sanchez, (renowned speaker and premiered
writer) in a talk, had said that in order for you to achieve your purpose, it
is important that you must first know the abilities and deeds that direct you
to your destination, and on your way towards it, it is imperative that you
should too know what distances you away from success, and immediately eliminate
it. Keep the anchors to which your purpose is holding on to, and you’ll stay on
the right track.

is not by race, belief or even religion that we are clustered as a group, as a
country, as a continent or even as a planet, it is because of one thing, we all
have something good and worthwhile to accomplish, and it is what I suppose is
the strongest ground why we have to stand as one, arm by arm. Forget what you
look like, what you were and whatever complication that hinders you from being a life changer, now is the time
for you to think straight and finally stand up as yourself and sail towards
your destiny. Time has ticked away, NOW is the time to search for something as
great as you are, to imprint your legacy on these grounds and be someday known
as the person who never feared, never doubted and forever struggled.

this to memory; Differences were designed for the world to see the diverse faces of
greatness and giftedness, and it is for us to be highly proud of.

am swollen with pride to say that I was blessed on immediately finding my
purpose at the early chapter of my life, and I am in the stages of bringing it
into a wonderful completion. I am a literary artist and will be a successful lawyer
in 5 years time, all of which I do and will carry out because it is what I was
sent to do.

I hope you find your life’s dedication

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