It’s got to be Good

Last time, we have discussed many aspects about
being different, now it’s time to understand how to use our peculiarity for the

In this
special article, you are going to learn three ideas that would surely equip you
in your quest to being a mechanism towards something even greater. First, Acceptance and Recognition are
two different concepts. Second, It
takes an unusual person to solve extraordinary problems. Lastly, differences never lie in physical appearance, but in the
quality and quantity of performance and achievements.

Upon reading the previous article, on a scale of 1
to 10, to what degree do you think, have you accepted your abilities and given
differences? If you have moved on reading the first write up, and still feel
doubtful of yourself, then it is imperative that you read it all over again, or
if it still doesn’t give you enough reason to be confident about yourself, it
may be the time to probably sit down, reflect on your strengths and start
ignoring all the unhelpful comments that prevents you from loving your
originality. On the other hand, if you are confident enough to say that you are
proud of whoever you are and a hundred percent ready to spread the words of
prosperity to a colleague or a small group, then you are indeed eligible to
read the next paragraphs of advice.  

Now that we are sure that you have no whatsoever
doubt about yourself, it’s time for us to contrast Acceptance from Recognition.  The reason why I asked if you are ready for
this article or not, is because I cannot give tips to a person who has not yet
fully accepted his/herself wholly, and make him/her believe that they are ready
to positively influence others, without them being rest assured about their
mental and physical capabilities. Acceptance is always the first step in
forming a strong positive movement, without it, you would probably be carrying
out your motives, without your head in the game, because you are wasting time
being hesitant about yourself and your decisions, rather than accomplishing
what is more important at the moment. Before you start making decisions, you
must always guarantee that you can HANDLE
yourself, the process and the uncalculated
. I have far long accepted the stress that these three would
give to me, before I started composing this book, and during
the making of the manuscript pages, all that was clear to me was nothing, but
my goals. I had always talked and written about acceptance on many occasions,
but the discussions never seem to get old, because of the extent of events or
things that we should accept as time ripens. At a very young age or as earlier
as possible, it is ideal for an individual to learn to accept him/herself,
because the joys of life and triumph would never be achieved or enjoyed without
it. Though Acceptance is quite complicated for most to embrace, because of the
many phases an individual has to go through before achieving it, it is the most
basic among the steps to planting different seeds for the best. But wait, what
really is acceptance?

Acceptance is being aware that
you cannot do everything alone.

Acceptance means loving
everything about yourself.

Acceptance is preserving the
inner peace and beauty within, despite the chaos outside.

next step is Recognition. If the previous term is all about “understanding you to be you”,
Recognition talks about “being you to
understand them”
. Wait, why is there a “them” now?

is all about being a global citizen by helping others find themselves and their
purpose through your strengths and self conviction, because admittedly a wild
estimate of 25% of the world population madly needs a friend to talk to at this
very moment. Recognition is realizing that possessing that overflowing elation
inside you, brought about by self acceptance, is not enough; it is deciding to
share that ecstasy with others. Unlike Acceptance which is slowly shaped in the
heart and soul, Recognition is a split second realization that you are meant
for more, born for the world. It is a remarkable choice which is taken on the
backs by plenty groups and individuals who dedicate themselves to the service
of mankind, dissimilar to Acceptance, which is a pre requisite to living freely
and fully.  

is very important that our mental and spiritual bases are solid, because
without a well-built foundation, the next two steps would never be achieved. If
the pre-mentioned ideas demanded a clear state of mind and self initiative, the
latter requires more than just will, but more of honed talent, mixed with a
good amount of luck.

I constantly reiterate, we are individuals, different people, who has at least
1,000,001 solutions to a single problem, and most of the time it is
unbelievable that we could not come up with an appropriate resolution to the
situations that bug us out every single time. Why is that, that despite the
countless, different ways to answer the equation displayed in front of us  by the universe, we could not come up with
one, sensible response to the dilemmas that gives us stress and discouragement?
The answer is simple, it’s because, “We don’t want to!”

of us choose the mainstream path of action, instead of the unique and different
one; the harmful effects of our options bury our genuineness and slowly turn us
into a personality that is far like our very own. The question you may have in
your mind right now is, “Why help others, if I can’t help myself?”, well that
is the main point of this article, to remind you that, “You don’t have to be perfect or
sometimes physically or mentally whole to possess the capacity of
Charity does not lie on the amount of money you can
donate or how good you are in a certain science, but it is how you are able to
spend time to becoming the world to the worldless. Time, is indeed what we are
all chasing after, it would be painful enough of not being able to remember a
single remarkable deed we have done to others when we are lying sick on our
deathbeds. It is not for the prize of people’s applause or the promise of
heaven that we perform the best of acts, but for the satisfaction of being able
to help at the least in designing the world we would want the future heirs of
this earthly kingdom to inherit. That is the beauty of difference,
abstractness, there does not have to be a definite pattern or a single stroke
movement, all that matters most is that you have accomplished something
mesmerizing, more than beyond imagination.

this, no matter what you look like on the outside, true beauty lies in the
inside and in accepting that, wholeness of self would be achieved. Recognize
that despite the quantity of hard work you pour in and the times you’ve
exhausted on something that seems impossible, if it’s for the benefit of your
brother or sister, our Creator would provide. There is always a deep, deep,
very deep reason why you are in that situation right now; it is either because
you are God’s representation of inspiration, or you are the “blesser” to the seekers of miracles.

the last article of this series, we are going to blast out the walls that
separate Uniqueness from Unity.

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