Change your thoughts and you change your world.

–       Norman Vincent Peale

It all starts with you, in you. You/Them/I don’t possess the power to contain the toxicity of any person or event around us. But here’s the good news, it’s not our obligation to contain the negativity of the world in a box, because of two things. First is, we could not control others attitudes, habits and point of view, and secondly, it is literally impossible to do it. The lesson you have to learn as we end this series is that every single day, there is always an eighty percent assurance that you will encounter annoyances, distractions and sometimes even be the initiator of displeasure to the crowd, but in spite of this knowledge that it is possible to be a victim or a suspect, you must know that whatever damage done should be dealt with, to prevent further exponential hurts from occurring on the later instances. Being intoxicated in drugs or smoking is no different from having a toxic community, toxic group of friends, toxic partner/s or even a toxic YOU. The answer to be free from all of these is to GET RID and Re-Form! Unlike your assignment that can be done by your classmate, the chores that you order your siblings to do and services you could request from your helper, the process towards achieving these solutions, are a hands-on process.

3 not so easy steps to GET RID:

1.  Find a NON-TOXIC Company

The reason why you act toxic or inhale toxic is because you are arm in arm with a toxic individual! It is because you are so exposed to the toxicity, that it may be very hard for you to identify a toxic environment from an oxygenated one. Over and over again, I will constantly repeat that toxic people are not real friends, whatever fragrant words that comes out of their mouths are pure sugar coatings to their real intentions towards you. No matter how hard you find peace and purpose in an unbreathable commune, unsurprisingly you’ll never find what you are looking for. Why? It is because these concepts are pure and good, and can only be sought in non-toxic places. Oh I know where these places are! The church, house of priests? Precise, but to correct the assumptions, holy institutions are not the only where the unpolluted could be found, but they are spread out in every place here on Earth. It is never the place that makes the establishment sanctified, but of the people and reason why there are crowded in it. As I’ve emphasized in my prior Article Series, TRADEMARK, you know you are in the right company when they motivate you to be better and wiser. Once you find a NON-TOXIC group or even a companion, you’ll do well and go farther.

2.  Divert

It isn’t easy to instantly shift your bad attitudes to good and appropriate ones. You may deny it all you want, but there is probable chance that it has been in your system to be toxic and feel toxic, and the only way to sip it out is to let yourself inhale new air. If you used to affront others because of their lateness or failures, try to now complement them with their efforts. If you are used to being shamed and ridiculed, it is high time for you to evade these cancers and re route your usual way to work, which may be a longer path, but less stressful. This step will take longer than expected because habits are hard to take away and replaced.

3.  Be Consistent

Who would believe a bully who had suddenly became a guidance counselor, or a talkative officemate who was promoted to an inspiring boss, or that Facebook basher who is now a promising editor slash publisher? Their secret is simple, after deeply burying their past selves far feet below the ground, they decided to be consistent in digesting and spreading all the positive vibes. It is absurd if you start being good for a day and go back to the horrible practices the next day. Convince others and mostly yourself that you have really changed. Not all people forgive and forget easily, so make an extra effort on building up a fresher reputation. How do you start being consistent? Start by apologizing.

2 steps to REFORMATION:

1.  Being a quiet, normal individual

Most would choose to go back to the normal schedule once they are relieved from the chains and labels that bind them from being able to meet real friends, accomplish abundant success and many other opportunities. It is highly possible that being ashamed is the why then-toxic individuals choose to remain secluded from the rest. Well, its normal to feel guilty when you have done something terribly wrong, choose to change and afterwards face the person you have assaulted the next day. I tell you that this is not the idea of Reformation! Reformation is being a version 2.0, a new being! Cleansed individuals should not stay in the dark, they must love, laugh and live. You are already forgiven by God, once you decided to change, and don’t worry, pardon, acceptance and understanding of your mates will soon come, you just have to patient. As what the quote above had said, you create the model environment you want to live in, it is all in your power, who or what you desire to include in that personalized atmosphere. Starting a new life is demanding, because you have to change most of your perspectives, polish your goals and invite new and better people in your life, so take your time, never rush it.

2.  Being the Oxygen

I always hope that many people would choose to be risk takers and good word spreaders rather than taking no peril at all and working to benefit him/her alone. The world needs testimonies, both written and outspoken declarations of your renaissance. This generation lacks nothing but pushing and strong encouragement, and I don’t blame the elder ones for it, but the younger ones. As a family, it must be our primary initiative to raise each other up, instead of menacing others and pulling invisible limits of discouragement to the rest. Two articles earlier I had said that 7.6 billion individuals suffer from all kinds of stress and pressure, but imagine this, if the 71 million population of Millennials choose to help their fellow youngsters and the remainder 7.5 million of needy souls, let’ s see if the world can get any better. Treatment that healed you from being the toxic bringer or toxic inhaler must be a chain reaction that must not end with you, but carry on through you.

Garbage must be thrown out; You are not rubbish, so stay in.

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