Merry Go Round

The three objectives of this crash course are simple. First: TO REALIZE, Second: TO FIND, Third: TO CONQUER and Fourth: TO LIVE FREELY. This series is an eye opener and wake up call for people who feel like their purpose is far lost and a guide for individuals who are stuck in choosing from the overflowing choices, paths and opportunities that come past them, minute by minute, day by day. Don’t worry; these articles will help you find your one true path, one true purpose and one true power.

I am sure that the Word Search game has been part of your childhood; it has always been a favorite pastime of millions of kids and adults with no internet connection. For those who are not familiar with this amusement, the Word Search game’s objective is to search for the given words in a box of jumbled letters. The larger the box of jumbled letters, the harder it becomes for the player to achieve his/her objective of spotting all the given sets. If millions of kids and grown-ups occasionally play Word Search, do you know that billions daily play, “World Search”.  NO, it s not leisure, it’s a really demanding game, in fact, a totally irritating and a time consuming one. Without participating in it, nothing, absolutely nothing will happen in your life, you’ll just spend your days running in circles, chasing your own tail! Like all games, this too has an objective, to FIND YOUR WORLD. It’s obvious, it’s clearly stated in the name of the game, but why despite the clear objective, many still get lost while playing the game? There are only two possible reasons, you don’t know how to play it properly or you don’t know the game. Just imagine yourself, a master of snakes and ladders, let’s say the only game you know, was invited to play a game of cards, there will only be one outcome, you’ll lose. As much as possible, it is always our primary objective to win the game and master the art, and these could only be learnt if and only if, you participate by playing it. But wait, why must we win this game? Why should we participate in it?

Do you know a 40 year old who is still unsure of his career, a graduating college student who still has no idea why he/she is taking up that course or even a 20 year old who does not know what he/she wants to be in the next few years? Well, these people need our help, or if you feel that you are among these persons, then I’ll assist you too.

The first step towards living fruitfully is indeed finding what you are made for; no one could answer that for you, except yourself. Searching for your career path should be started at a very early age or as soon as possible, because all fancy promotions and hard-earned achievements would be senseless if you have no goals to attain. Many youngsters or even mature people get lost because it is unclear to them what they really want to be. Admit it to yourself, you can’t achieve everything all at once, you need a process. It is very important for you to always think ahead, sit back for few minutes in the early hours of morning and ask yourself repeatedly, “Who am I really?”, and I promise you, you’ll get a more than satisfactory answer. Don’t be hard on yourself if you still don’t know what you want to be until this very moment, you are not alone on your quest on finding the reason why you were born on Earth, not in Mercury or Mars.

When asked by others, “What are your plans?” never dare to reply, “I don’t know”, or “The future will tell me later!” instead respond by confidently crying out your wildest ambitions and plans like, “I’ll be a lawyer/doctor/pilot in the next few years.” “I am running for top honors.” “I’ll have a house with a beautiful family in three years time!” You are absolutely thinking, “That’s crazy! I myself know that might never happen.” or question me, “Is that lying? They know my reputation; my reputation would be destroyed if I claim the impossible.” But no, YOU are PAINTING what you want to be, YOU are setting your OWN BENCHMARK, YOU are LITERALLY PREDICTING your future! It is by the power of words and dreams why everything you are standing on exists, to God’s Creation of the Universe to the successful businesses around you. It is important that when you shout out these words, it must be emphasized more than usual, because you are the commander of your world, you tell your thoughts what they will become, and they will follow. I advise you to not take advantage of time, don’t do what you can today, tomorrow. It’s a very bad and malicious habit to prioritize activities that can wait over what can’t. You don’t hold the days nd early as you can, before you start blaming yourself, others and even, God.  It is stressful, dreadfully stressful to find yourself, amidst all the temptations and possibilities that comes across every now and then, but the right mission for you will come, and you’ll know it when it comes, because an unexplained urge to do the unusual will well up inside. There is nothing you can do when God calls you, but respond and follow.

4 more steps on World Searching will be discussed and elaborated on the succeeding articles.

Helpful Tips to Stop Searching in Circles

1.     If you are young, start writing a career journal (I want to be….. because…..)

2.     As you grow a little old, slowly eliminate the professions you feel doesn’t match your set of given talents and skills

3.     When you start your first year in high school, you must be already assured of the course you are going to take.

4.     On your last year in high school, know what achievements you must attain in your collegiate years.

5.     In your first year in college, start sketching your dream house, picture your dream job, overcome all self-doubt and find the best company of friends.

6.     On your last year in college, ensure that you have attained what you have set on yourself previously, and start working on your post-graduate ambitions.

7.     After graduating, harvest what you have planted and start planting seeds of blessings that shall be reaped on your middle years of age.

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