Journeying in the Expressway of Possibilities and Realities

Time and our late decisions distance us from life’s infiniteness. We
spend three fourths of our precious
time, racking our brains off on what color and type of top should be worn on a
certain occasion, must it be a red long sleeve or a white polo shirt. And in
many cases, people forget the real
on why they have to choose intensely and think critically! There is
nothing ghastly about having plans and an array of selections, but you must not
forget the fact that DECISION is
only the first step to Living Freely!
Well, I am sure that you had learned much from the previous two articles of this
series. As we end this series, I am optimistic that you would pack in your
lunch box, this message, “Living Early
is Living Freely.”

Yes, we have discussed a plethora on how to stop searching needles in a
haystack and together unravelled the fundamental steps on having a very merry
career, but this time, I would try to not be too technical on the terms and
procedures, and instead go a little bit light on the words of closure on this
crash course and powerful on the sentences of encouragement and kind
recommendations. In this article, we would learn the secrets of living early
and unlock the methods of living freely.

The misreading of Living early is partying to the maximum, wasting days
with unconventional fun and wasting all treasured values in one single day. You
have surely seen social media, posts about the things and/or activities one
must be able to do or accomplish before you turn 21 or reach the age of 35. To
go in the trend, most would succumb to the “cool”
and in some occasions, vulgar things which the rest are doing to feel loved, a
part of and a leader of a self proclaimed dope gang. To have fun is not a fault; it is in fact a prize everyone must look forward to, but take note that when you
see or feel that the action is not leading you to your life’s calling, then you
must hold back and leave that habit or trend at once! Living early is maturing early, and maturing early is distinguishing the real from the unreal
and the sustainable and necessary from what are not. You become a mature individual, once you realize that
your happiness and success never lie on the hands of others, but are all served
on your plate, which you must pick up and eat scrumptiously. Being matured is not academic, but
spiritual and emotional.
You can have a twenty four study marathon,
memorize the entire book and recite the names of the past world presidents, but
not actually understand why you are stocking all the information in your brain.
I believe that like learning the fundamentals of achieving success, attaining a
mature nature requires an even more strenuous effort and stronger initiative.

1.  You have to be Leader

The preacher in our inspiring community told us on one Sunday preaching
that in order for someone to be a leader, he or she must be able to build on
themselves first, and then encourage others to do the same, by being a role
example to them and give objectives which look impossible, but in reality, very
attainable. But before you lead, it is crucial that you know why you want to be
a leader. Ruling for the benefit of self
is dictatorship, helping the flock grow is leadership.
The initial action
towards being a one true leader is to
know that you always have the potential to be one, next is to accept the challenge, and lastly you
have to learn that all great managers, conquered all their inner and outer
instabilities and fears first. Well, I am not here to discuss in depth, the
recipe of making a fine governor, but to emphasize the last step of becoming
one. You can’t be leading a pack if you fear yourself, your weakness and doubt
every single time, because if you keep doing that, you’ll affect your
constituents and dismantle the great plans ahead. The good thing about maturity
is that you have the decision of you want to be a leader to yourself or a
leader to the world. Leading yourself is not really being selfish, but giving
the more experienced take the pedestal of being the godly shepherd. When you
lead yourself, you take charge and responsibility of every circumstance in your
life, you start to stop blaming others of the mistakes you have done and make
your own tough decisions, without the slightest external mortal influence. The
main difference between the two kinds of leaders is that, a Leader of Self is a passive role model, while a Leader of the World
is an active role model.
The previous type of leader feels accomplished on
whatever he/she has reached, but decides to work on himself even more. He/she
may or may not know it but there are people, who idolize his /her actions, but
instead of showing off, he keeps his head low and works even harder. A Self
Leader can be a public leader, but waits for the most perfect timing. On the
other hand, the World Leader chooses to bless others openly through the powers
of his charm, ability of speech and persuasion. Whether you are Leader A or
Leader B, all your actions lead to something even greater. So, ask yourself,
what type of leader are you?

2.  You must have a Role Model

All of us here have someone who we look up to, and in many times, we
pattern our regular habits to theirs. It is good, even more, excellent to have
a mortal person whom you trust and revere, aside from God and your parents. But
make sure that the person you select has a good reputation and intention, with
no hidden motive. Having a good role
model is a sign of maturity,
because you have the wisdom to realize that
even if you live for a hundred years or so, you could not comprehend everything
about the world we live in. You idolize someone to learn something from the
experience and someday reach the same level as him or her, not to make yourself
feel a little lower.


3.  Consistency

The whole point of the series will never be clear to you, if you fail to
be consistent with everything you do. You can never be mature today and not
tomorrow, or be an achiever this semester and fail the next years. People fall
short in reaching their aspirations because they forget that there is still a
tomorrow to work hard for. In your quest in searching for where you belong and
where you must be placed in, trials will rise up and try to sink you, but what
is fascinating is not how you were able to float up again, but your ability to
be constant in your actions despite everything that pins you down. Every single
day, you must try and reform whatever habits you think are unhelpful to your
growth and development and replace it with new or learned beneficial practices.

As we end this series, I leave you with these words:

You are from this world, it is for you, made for you and blessed by you.
You are never a misplaced individual; the truth is that you are vital piece
meant to be fitted on an even larger jigsaw puzzle. The feeling that you are
left alone is only an illusion of mind, heart and spirit that must be buried
deep, deep down. In the word search puzzle in the heavens, God never has a hard
time searching for you, He sees your name clearly on the gigantic  box of jumbled letters, because YOU ARE HIS
CHILD, and the Father ‘s son/daughter has always a rightful place reserved,
waiting to be claimed.

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