1st Anniversary

been one year since my first post here on my site “Hard Work not Shortcuts”.  I had never stopped being active ever since,
and immediately followed up my October 31 write up with more than a hundred articles,
quotations and over twenty self written, free verse poetry. It is indeed
shocking to realize that my writing had inspired thousands of people
internationally, from the countries of China, Singapore, India, Australia, USA
and some parts of Africa and Europe. I would never have done what I did without
the grace of the Holy Spirit and the guidance of our Lord, the encouragement of
my family, the likes of my enthusiastic readers, the non-stop support of my
almost a hundred followers and consistent rebloggers.

goals in my first year in this platform which is to inspire others and bless
the world with God’s name through my life’s experiences had been gleefully
accomplished, this I could humbly call a success. I positively look forward to
the more prose and poetry I shall publish in the upcoming days, weeks and endless
years to come.

Special appreciation and all the
love to the following for appreciating my works and channelling my thoughts to
the many readers online:















you are looking for hope, scavenging for your life’s purpose, finding true love
or  even wondering if God really exists?
Feel free to reflect on my site posts and/or message me directly.

reply as soon as I see your note.

the love from the Pearl of the Orient!

Bless and Keep posted!

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