Moon Sighs

Sometimes I want to get up at night

Fly up to the skies

Ask the moon one question

“How are you?”

After a billion years it seemed that I was the only one who bothered to ask.

The moon sighs

“I’m glad you asked.”

“I shine light down there, yet I could not figure out why many are still trapped in darkness.”

“Hadn’t I done enough?”

I am speechless, I chose my words wisely.

“Your efforts are great, but I think there are some who are depressed.”

The moon replied softly” “Depressed, a lonely word.”

I waited for her to continue

“They have company to bless them, I don’t”

I carelessly asked

“The stars, there are billions aren’t there?”

The moon was ready for my words

So She wisely answered

“Sure there are, but these stars were once mortals.

I lamely replied


She continued

“The stars lying here in the heavens were people who passed on, they have done much down there. It’s their time to rest.”

I feared to ask more, but I still went on

“But they shine brightly don’t they?”

The moon was patient

“Of course. Their life may have ended, but their legacy doesn’t”

“Every time you choose to look up, whether it’s by accident or mere curiosity, each star you decide to stare upon has a message to relay to its gazer.”

I suspiciously asked

“What do the stars tell them?”

She smiled                                    

“I don’t know. Mostly, you don’t need to words to communicate. Silence is enough. Our souls have a way of empathizing with one another.”

I was amazed

“You seem like you know everything around here.”

The moon chuckled and said firmly

“Really? My knowledge of everything is merely of my own perceptions. I couldn’t say that they are all right, but at least I have a story to tell. All that matters.”

I opened my mouth, but no voice erupted

The moon hushed me.

“Sleep now my dear.”

“I’ll see you soon.”

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